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Shouta Aoi to release new digital single “EVOLVE”

Popular seiyuu and solo artist Shouta Aoi is set to release a new digital single, titled "EVOLVE", in March.

Out this Week | Anthos*, Utapri, Beit and more

Anthos* releases a new entry in the THINK OF ME CD series, the Utapri franchise release a new single and SideM's groups are back.

Six Gravity and Procellarum to release joint single “Dear Dreamer,”

Tsukiuta's Six Gravity and Procellarum team up to give their unique twist to TSUKIPRO's song "Dear Dreamer,".

Movic unveils details on You and Arata’s “Wavy!”

You Haduki from Procellarum and Arata Uduki from Six Gravity collaborate for the 9th release in Tsukiuta's 5th CD series called "Wavy!"

Movic unveils details on Rui and Kakeru’s “Mabayui Strobe”

Procellarum's Rui Minazuki and Six Gravity's Kakeru Shiwasu team up for the 7th entry in Tsukiuta's 5th CD series, "Mabayui Strobe".

Movic unveils details on Aoi and Yoru’s “Kuchinashi no Hana”

Six Gravity's Aoi Satsuki and Procellarum's Yoru Nagatsuki team up for the 6th entry in Tsukiuta's 5th CD series.

Movic unveils details on Arata and Aoi’s “Be Your Hero”

Details on the 5th entry in Tsukiuta's 5th CD series are out. Six Gravity's Arata Uduki and Aoi Satsuki team up for "Be Your Hero".

Movic unveils details on Haru and Kai’s “Hakudo to Etoile”

Details on the 4th entry in Tsukiuta's 5th CD series are out. Six Gravity's Haru Yayoi and Kai Fuduki team up for "Hakudo to Etoile".

Movic unveils details on Koi and Iku’s “REBUILD”

Details on the 3rd entry in Tsukiuta's 5th CD series are out. Six Gravity's Koi and Iku share the stage in "REBUILD".

Movic unveils details on Hajime and Haru’s “Shuntoka”

Details on the 2nd entry in Tsukiuta's 5th CD series are out. Six Gravity's Hajime and Haru share the stage in "Shuntoka".

Tsukiuta franchise kicks off duet CD series in December

The Tsukiuta franchise is ready to kick off a new CD series this time, focusing on duets. The details on the first release are out.

Tsukipro unveils new visuals for Six Gravity and Procellarum in 2022

Tsukiuta's Six Gravity and Procellarum have new, upgraded visuals in 2022.

Tsukipro to hold a special 48 hour livestream this weekend

A 48 hour broadcast with several corners featuring seiyuu from franchises such as SQ, Alive, Tsukiuta, VAZZROCK and more will light up this weekend.

Oricon Weekly | Anthos, Six Gravity and more top this week’s charts

This article covers the 4th week of June - which includes singles and albums released between 22/06/2020 and 28/06/2020.