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Best single/album in the second half of 2016 [RESULTS]

And the final nominees are already out! After one month of voting, you've chosen the following releases to go head to head with the ones already qualified during this past summer. Without further ado, the top 5 for each category are the following:   Mamoru Miyano – Tempest 223 20.44% Mamoru Miyano – The Birth 195 17.87% Shouta Aoi – DDD 177 16.22% Shouta Aoi – Innocent 154 14.12% Kenichi Suzumura - HIDE-AND-SEEK 78 7.15%   Quell –...

Daisuke Ono “Doors” (Review)

The highly anticipated "Doors" is finally out. Daisuke Ono is back after last year's "Mission D". The follow up shows Daisuke Ono putting all his skills to use and showing new sides to his sound. A mix of everything that only - Daisuke Ono the entertainer - can pull off. Mini-album: Doors Label: Lantis Release date: 01/07/15 Genre: J-Pop Tracklist: 01. Key of the...

Daisuke Ono “Doors” – Final details revealed

To be released next month is one of the most anticipated summer releases: Daisuke Ono's "Doors". Lantis has updated the last details regarding this mini-album and we take a look at them with this post. The follow up to "Mission D" is titled "Doors", scheduled to be released on 01/07/2015 . "Doors" is available in Regular version CD + DVD. The DVD...

Kenichi Suzumura “Tsuki to Taiyo no Uta” (Review)

Kenichi Suzumura's newest single 「月と太陽のうた」(Song of the moon and the sun) is already out and we took our time to check this 11th single. Is this single what it seemed like from the previews available on youtube, or is it something else completely? Let's check it out.  Single: 月と太陽のうた Label: Lantis Release date: 13/05/15 Genre: J-Pop/Rock Tracklist: 1.月のうた 2.太陽のうた Track by track analysis: 1.月のうた "Tsuki no uta" is...

Details unveiled regarding Kenichi Suzumura’s new single

Kenichi Suzumura's newest single is already creating some hype around his fans. The veteran seiyuu and singer is once again back with new music, the first release in 2015. Titled「月と太陽のうた」(Song of the moon and the sun), this is the follow up to 2014's album "Vessel" and Suzumura's 11th single so far.  「月と太陽のうた」 is scheduled to be released on 13/05/15 and only...

Daisuke Ono is back with new mini-album

And to keep things interesting for this summer here comes another top announcement from Lantis: Daisuke Ono not only is back with a new mini-album but has also scheduled his first solo tour. Renowned seiyuu Daisuke Ono is back with new music after the release of "Mission D", the follow up to 2014's addictive single is titled "Doors", scheduled to...

Tetsuya Kakihara “Saichaina” (Review)

Tetsuya Kakihara's newest single 咲いちゃいな (Saichaina) is out. It's finally time to review the release that everyone has been talking about. Single: 咲いちゃいな (Saichaina) Label: Kiramune Release date: 15/04/15 Genre: J-Pop/Rock Tracklist: 1. 咲いちゃいな  2. world in bloom  3. Othello Track by track analysis: 1. 咲いちゃいな With a simple melody provided by the piano alongside a whole acoustic setting, Saichaina is a pretty mellow, mid-tempo pop-rock track. Sweet with the minimal synths...

Kensho Ono announces new single

Kensho Ono kicks off 2015 with a new release in this first quarter of the year. The 25 year old seiyuu follows the wave of Lantis' announcements in the last few days and comes forward with the announcement of a new single, his second, to be released on 08/04/15. Still untitled, the new single will be available in two editions:...

Daisuke Namikawa – “Jump Out Loud” (review)

Multi-talented seiyuu Daisuke Namikawa is back with a new single. After the release earlier this year of his impressive mini-album "Ring", "Jump Out Loud" is the newest release for the Tokyo native. Info regarding the single: Single: Jump Out Loud Label: Kiramune Genre: J-pop/rock Release date: 09/10/13 Tracklist: 1. Jump Out Loud 2. なりたい ありたい 3. はろー☆ぴ~ぷる Track by track analysis: 1. Jump Out Loud  A rock song very reminiscing of...





Shugo Nakamura colorful regular

Review | Shugo Nakamura “Colorful”

Shugo Nakamura paints laidback soundscapes with his semi-acoustic sound and crafty lyrics in Colorful.
Sir Vanity Yu

Review | Sir Vanity “Vanity / Haruka”

A new generation of rock bands kicks off with the passion and energy of Sir Vanity in the outstanding debut single, Vanity / Haruka.
Anthos For

Review | Anthos “For…”

From the darker melodies in "I know,Who I am" to the softest vibes in "Antholic", Anthos made sure to mark you with "For...".

Review | Impish Crow “GROW”

Impish Crow go for a mature and dirtier take on their rock sound, putting aside powerpop while giving way to hardrock. GROW is a banger.

Review | RUBIA Leopard “Prisoner”

RUBIA Leopard go hard with Prisoner, their 1st entry in DIG-ROCK DUEL FES drama CD series.