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OSIRIS “Re:incarnation” (Review)

The popular band OSIRIS has made their comeback with another fascinating track. Re:incarnation is yet another compelling track with a promising instrumental piece and vocal performance. Without any further ado let’s get this review started. Title: Re:incarnation Label: Sony Music Japan Release date: 25/10/2017 Genre: J-Rock Track analysis: 1- Re:incarnation Starting off with a powerful build up provided by the drums, Re:incarnation is yet another compelling track with...

Freezing “Pick Your Poison” (Review)

Freezing release a powerful bass driven track with lots of energy and amazing rapping skills. Pick Your Poison is  a track with an interesting instrumental piece screaming of Halloween while preserving Freezing's unique "sound". Without any further ado, let's get this review started.Before we get started we would just like to give you some pieces of information. Freezing is rock/rap-rock oriented band...

QUARTET NIGHT Duet series Ranmaru & Ai (Review)

Quartet Night have once more returned to the fans with a single in the form of a duet series. Previously we reviewed Reiji & Camus single, this time around we will focus our attention on Kurosaki & Ai’s.  So, without any further ado, let’s get this review started. More details regarding the single. The tracklist is the following: 1 HARU HANA 2 BE PROUD 3 SYNCHRONISM 4 HARU HANA  (off...

QUARTET NIGHT Duet series Reiji & Camus (Review)

Quartet Night return to the fans, and this time around they presented us with a duets single titled "Idol Song". The duet single has been divided into two. One of them is Reiji & Camus, which we will be reviewing today, and the other is Kurosaki & Ai which will be reviewed on a separate post. More details regarding the single. The...

OLDCODEX – Fixed Engine (Review)

OLDCODEX has returned with a Best of album which re-visits the band's repertoire adding two new tracks, Milestone and Anthem, promising to add something new to the band's catalog. Without any further ado, let's get this review started. More information regarding the album. Album: Fixed Engine Label: Lantis Release date: 08/06/16 Genre: Punk-rock Tracklist 1 MILESTONE 2 3 FLAG ON THE HILL 4 HARSH WIND 5 COLD HANDS 6 CATAL RHYTHM 7 THE MISFIT GO 8 RAGE ON 9 WALK 10 DRIED UP YOUTHFUL FAME 11 LANTANA 12 FEED A 13 ACHING...

OLDCODEX – Feed A (Review)

Coming out with another release, OLDCODEX present us with Feed A. As per usual, the band's newest work is featured as the intro theme of the currently airing anime God Eater. Without any further ado let's get this review started. This single is available in two editions: Regular and Limited. Single: Feed A Label: Lantis Release date:05/08/15 Genre: Punk-rock Tracklist 1 FEED A 2 STAINED ME 3 WHERE I STAND Track by track analysis: 1-Feed A Kicking...

Mamoru Miyano – Break it! (Review)

Releasing for his second time this year the multi-talented Mamoru brings us a new single that has alot to say about. He's previous release was New Order in the beginning of this year, now it's time for his 11th one, Break it!. So without any further ado let's get this review started. This single is only available in the regular edition. Single: Break...





Sir Vanity Yu

Review | Sir Vanity “Vanity / Haruka”

A new generation of rock bands kicks off with the passion and energy of Sir Vanity in the outstanding debut single, Vanity / Haruka.
Anthos For

Review | Anthos “For…”

From the darker melodies in "I know,Who I am" to the softest vibes in "Antholic", Anthos made sure to mark you with "For...".

Review | Impish Crow “GROW”

Impish Crow go for a mature and dirtier take on their rock sound, putting aside powerpop while giving way to hardrock. GROW is a banger.

Review | RUBIA Leopard “Prisoner”

RUBIA Leopard go hard with Prisoner, their 1st entry in DIG-ROCK DUEL FES drama CD series.
Shouta Aoi BAD END cover

Review | Shouta Aoi “BAD END”

With BAD END, Shouta Aoi presents fans with fresh songs and unique vocal performances that are a clear improvement from last year's Harmony.