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Takuma Terashima, Shugo Nakamura and more featured on Lis Oeuf vol.23

Lis Oeuf unveiled the 1st batch of features for its vol.23. Takuma Terashima and Shugo Nakamura talk about their upcoming CDs.

Clarity to release new single, Coup d’état

Clarity Coup d'état
Anidol Colors' group, Clarity are going to make their comeback with the digital single, "Coup d'état".

ARGONAVIS cover WEAVER’s Kuchizuke Diamond

Argonavis released a lyric video for their cover of WEAVER's Kuchizuke Diamond.

TRIGGER, Argonavis and more featured on PASH!

PASH! features TRIGGER and Argonavis on the covers of its May 2020 issue. TRIGGER are featured on the main cover of PASH!'s May 2020 issue, set to hit stores on 10/04/2020. Wataru Hatano, Soma Saito and Takuya Sato were interviewed for this issue about the ongoing 2nd season of the IDOLiSH7 anime adaptation, IDOLiSH7 Second Beat!. The main cover is the following: Argonavis feature...

Bushiroad unveil details on upcoming ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream!’s live broadcasts

ARGONAVIS are going to hold a special live broadcast next week. ARGONAVIS were going to hold a fan meeting and special live at AnimeJapan 2020. The event unfortunately was cancelled due to concerns over Coronavirus. In return, Bushiroad announced that ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream!'s bands are going to meet their fans via 2 live broadcasts later in March. On 21/03/2020 at 21h...

ARGONAVIS release performance video of “Gift”

ARGONAVIS reward their fans on White Day with a performance video of Gift. BanG Dream! Argonavis 2nd LIVE was held at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL on 05/12/2019. GYROAXIA were the guests for this live. A performance video of ギフト (Gift) is out. Gift was released in 2019, included in the band's 2nd single, Starting Over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqNNB180oDY In January, the band released a digest...

ARGONAVIS release performance video of “Ryusei Ame”

ARGONAVIS gives yet another taste of their 2nd live, this time around releasing the performance video of Ryusei Ame. BanG Dream! Argonavis 2nd LIVE was held at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL on 05/12/2019. GYROAXIA were the guests for this live. A performance video of 流星雨 (Ryusei Ame) is out. Ryusei Ame was released in 2019, included in the band's single, Goal Line. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuXNP_oSTsQ Last...

ARGONAVIS release digest video from BanG Dream! Argonavis 2nd LIVE

ARGONAVIS give a taste of their 2nd live to their fans through a digest video of the live. The band announced recently that they will be holding a live show in July. BanG Dream! Argonavis 2nd LIVE was held at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL on 05/12/2019. GYROAXIA were the guests for this live. A digest video, covering the live show's highlight moments, is...

Argonavis release full music video for “Goal Line”

Argonavis celebrate their 1st anniversary with the release of the full music video for Goal Line. ゴールライン (Goal Line) was released on 20/02/2019. Today, the band released the full music video - a different take on the full animated version that was released last year - today, in time for the celebration of the band's 1st anniversary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ictsf5KtHjo Goal Line is available for...

Argonavis release live performance video of “ASTERISK”

Argonavis released a new live performance video. Argonavis is a 2.5D band project born by the hands of BanG Dream!, a media mix project featuring animation music videos, comics, music, between many other things. The band consists of Masahiro Ito (vocals), Shuuta Morishima (keyboards), Seiji Maeda (bass), Daisuke Hyuga (guitar) and Shohei Hashimoto (drums). A performance video of *~ASTERISK~, song originally performed by Orange Range, was...





Paradox Live TRAP

Review | Paradox Live “TRAP”

The Paradox Live franchise wraps the 1st half of songs released in the Stage Battle CD series in a powerful release filled with highlights.

Review | SOARA “HEART”

SOARA’s mature and nostalgic take on their trademark pop-rock sound shines in "HEART".


TRIGGER outdid themselves with the concept album "VALIANT". This is a statement, an intimate look at a group that has reinvented itself.

Review | Jin Ogasawara “Only one thing”

Jin Ogasawara brings a nostalgic brand of rock to the spotlight with his debut digital single "Only one thing".
Paradox Live Stage Battle VIBES

Review | BAE & Akkan Yatsura “Paradox Live Stage Battle VIBES”

BAE and Akkan Yatsura bring a refreshing mix of funky and laidback vibes in Paradox Live Stage Battle "VIBES".