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Shintaro Asanuma to grace the cover of VOICE Newtype no.076

Voice Newtype No.076
VOICE Newtype unveiled the lineup for its upcoming No.076 issue. Shintaro Asanuma graces the cover.

Koutaro Nishiyama joins ORE!!SUMMER 2020 lineup

Koutaro Nishiyama
Lantis announced a new addition to this year's ORE!!SUMMER edition. OREPARA PRESENTS ORE!!SUMMER 2020 is going to be held at Fujikyu Highland Conifer Forest in Yamanashi on 19/09/2020 and 20/09/2020. Daisuke Ono, Kenichi Suzumura, Showtaro Morikubo and Takuma Terashima are going to perform in both days. Koutaro Nishiyama, that is scheduled to make his solo debut in the 3rd quarter of 2020...

Shugo Nakamura releases acoustic version of “Colorful”

Shugo Nakamura released a brief acoustic version of his recently released single, Colorful.

Futsal Seiyuu 2019 SEPTEMBER: promotional video released

Marine Entertainment released a promotional video for Futsal Seiyuu 2019 SEPTEMBER DVD. フットサル声優 2019 SEPTEMBER (Futsal Seiyuu 2019 SEPTEMBER) was held at Futsal Daiba in Tokyo on 14/09/2019. The footage from the two-session event is going to be released on DVD on 22/07/2020. The cast includes: Yoshitaka Yamaya, Taichi Ichikawa, Reona Irie, Shimoduru Naoyuki, Kodai Sakai, Tetsuro Noda, Akihiro Arai, Sho Karino, ...

OREPARA 2019 to be released on Blu-ray

You'll be able to revisit or experience Original Entertainment Paradise -おれパラ-2019~WA!!!!~ this summer. Original Entertainment Paradise -おれパラ-2019~WA!!!!~ is going to be released on Blu-ray on 26/08/2020, available in 3 editions: Blu-ray BOX (3 Discs), Kobe Day 2 and Ryogoku Day 2. This edition counted with live performances by: Daisuke Ono (Orepara's leader), Kenichi Suzumura, Showtaro Morikubo, Takuma Terashima, Shugo Nakamura (special guest), ...

Animelo Summer Live 2020 postponed

Anisama COLORS
This year's edition of Animelo Summer Live is postponed. Animelo Summer Live 2020 -COLORS- was going to be held at Saitama Super Arena from 28/08/2020 to 30/08/2020. To avoid spread of the Coronavirus in Japan, the festival's promoters decided to postpone this year's edition that was going to be their most ambitious yet - counting with 60 artists in the lineup. With...

Seiyuu Digest #66 – Shugo Nakamura

Seiyuu Digest 66 - Shugo Nakamura
Shugo Nakamura is starting to make a case for himself. Although still trailing careful as a seiyuu, Nakamura is a rising talent in the music industry that deserves your attention. Welcome to another Seiyuu Digest! Shugo Nakamura KANJI: 仲村宗悟 BORN: July 28, 1988 OCCUPATION: seiyuu, singer-songwriter HEIGHT: ? Shugo Nakamura was born on July 28, 1988 in Okinawa, Japan and, as mentioned in an episode of...

Male seiyuu cheer up fans on social media with music and challenges

THTFHQ Male Seiyuu cheer fans on Social Media
During lockdown, male seiyuu have been finding new ways to entertain their fans.

Lantis MENS GIG “A・C・E” cancelled

Lantis MENS GIG "A・C・E"
Lantis announced the cancellation of the highly anticipated live, Lantis MENS GIG "A・C・E". Lantis MENS GIG "A・C・E" was going to take place at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo on 17/05/2020. As of today, the live is cancelled due to concerns over Coronavirus spread in Japan. Lantis MENS GIG "A・C・E" had everything to be a promising festival featuring Lantis' young male seiyuu talents. It...

Ani-PASS open pre-orders for its upcoming issue

Shouta Aoi Ani-pass 07
Ani-PASS opened pre-orders for its upcoming issue. Ani-PASS #07 features male seiyuu and solo artist, Shouta Aoi, on the cover. Shouta Aoi graces the main cover of Ani-PASS, scheduled to hit stores on 11/04/2020. The cover is the following: Aoi's feature is 36 pages worth, including an interview about his upcoming single, BAD END, plus a unique gravure.  This issue comes with interviews with...





Shouta Aoi BAD END cover

Review | Shouta Aoi “BAD END”

With BAD END, Shouta Aoi presents fans with fresh songs and unique vocal performances that are a clear improvement from last year's Harmony.


Inspired guitar riffs, powerful drums and memorable bass lines helped shape up the absolute banger that is GYROAXIA's SCATTER.
Soma Saito Petrichor cover

Review | Soma Saito “Petrichor”

Soma Saito's Petrichor will put your senses through a unique sonic experience filled with elegance, flair and maturity.
Yuma Uchida Over

Review | Yuma Uchida “Over”

Yuma Uchida really went for it, didn’t he? Explosive, impactful and fresh while still familiar, Over takes the throne as his best single to date.
OLDCODEX Core Fade regular

Review | OLDCODEX “Core Fade”

Electronica takes center stage for OLDCODEX’s Core Fade and the results in yet another raw and powerful entry in their repertoire.