Out this Week | Yuma Uchida “Y”, Toshiyuki Toyonaga “Charactanswer” and more

Big weak ahead with Yuma Uchida releasing his 3rd full-length album "Y", Toshiyuki Toyonaga making a comeback with "Charactanswer" and more.

Café Parade and Mofumofuen to release “CIRCLE OF DELIGHT” CDs in January

Café Parade and Mofumofuen are the next groups up in THE IDOLM@STER SideM franchise to participate in the "CIRCLE OF DELIGHT" CD series.

SHIFTYz to release new single “Reminiscence”

SHIFTYz, funk-rock duo part of the ENLIGHTRIBE franchise, releases a new CD, titled "Reminiscence", in November.

Review | Azumi Shizu “Oto”

A wide soundscape and dreamy guitars welcome the listener to a solid rock tune in Azumi Shizu's "Oto".

Review | Izumi Shizu “Lapistage”

The elegance and unpredictability of jazz music takes over as SHIFTz's Izumi Shizu dazzles everyone with a sweetly melodic performance.

ENLIGHTRIBE 1st Anniversary Live to be released on Blu-ray

Fans of the gritty 2D rock music franchise ENLIGHTRIBE, will get to watch the 1st anniversary live show on Blu-ray this May.

Review | SHIFTYz “Connections”

SHIFTYz changes dynamics on vocals and, in return, listeners get "Connections", the band's best CD released to date.

SHIFTYz gets ready to release new single “Connections” [UPDATED]

SHIFTYz, band part of the new music + drama CD project ENLIGHTRIBE, is gearing up to release its 2nd single.

Review | SHIFTYz “ENLIGHTRIBE side.SHIFTYz -The beginning-”

With a liberating brand of pop-rock and flashy jazz-funk in "ENLIGHTRIBE side.SHIFTYz -The beginning-", SHIFTYz make a good 1st impression.

ENLIGHTRIBE to hold live show this Winter to celebrate 1st anniversary

The gritty 2D rock franchise ENLIGHTRIBE celebrates its 1st anniversary later this year. A special live show was announced.

ENLIGHTRIBE release music video for SHIFTYz’s “Emptiness”

SHIFTYz, band part of the new music + drama CD project ENLIGHTRIBE, released the music video for "Emptiness".

Cover art and music videos released for FAM, SHIFTYZ and ESMERALDA’s debut CDs

ENLIGHTRIBE's bands - FAM, SHIFTYZ and ESMERALDA - make their debut in 2021. Cover art and music videos for all releases are out.

ENLIGHTRIBE: ambitious full-scale rock x character project

Exciting times for rock fans! ENLIGHTRIBE is set in a gritty, alternative world in which everything is controlled and restricted, even music.