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Readyyy! Project to hold 1st anniversary fan meeting in February

Readyyy! project announced a special event. Readyyy! project's units hop on stage for a special fan meeting in February to celebrate the project's 1st anniversary. Readyyy! 中のひと祭り〜1周年ファンミーティング〜 (Naka no Hito Matsuri ~ 1st anniversary fan meeting ~) is going to be held at UDX Theater in Tokyo on 09/02/2019. The event is scheduled for 3 sessions: day, afternoon and evening. All groups are confirmed to attend...

Readyyy! Project open game’s pre-registration and release opening movie

Readyyy! Project is gearing up for game launch. It was announced today at “Gold Stage Vol 5. Bokura, Yozora no hanabi yori mo seidai ni omotenashi shimasu!~” that pre-registration for Readyyy! Project's smartphone game is now open. Pre-registration can be done by following Readyyy! Project's official twitter account, through LINE or e-mail (these last two methods can be done via Readyyy! Project's official website)....

Readyyy! Project to hold 5th live event in August

Readyyy! project continue their monthly event extravaganza. Mark your calendars, there's a new event scheduled for this summer. Readyyy! project's units are going to hold their 5th special live event. "Gold Stage Vol 5. Bokura, Yozora no hanabi yori mo seidai ni omotenashi shimasu!~" on 26/08/2018 at Yomiuri Hall in Tokyo. La-Veritta's new music video is going to be unveiled at this event. 8/26のイベント「『Readyyy!』ゴー☆ルドステージ Vol.5」では、La-VerittaのMVをフルVer.でお届けします♪是非会場で一緒に盛り上がりましょう!#レディhttps://t.co/XrPFja8u19...

Readyyy! Project unveil unit logos

Readyyy! Project's units finally got their official logos. Yesterday, during their live broadcast "Gold Stage Vol 3. bokura, 〇〇 o kikasemasu!", the logos to all Readyyy! project's units were unveiled. The logos are the following: 【ユニットロゴ公開!SP!CA】 ~デザイン裏話~ 5人ユニットであるSP!CAが夜空に瞬く星として表現されています。 王道アイドルとしての安定感と彼らの初々しさ、その二面性が内包されたデザインになっています。 #レディ pic.twitter.com/QStrZnMI81 — 『Readyyy!』プロジェクト公式 (@Readyyy_info) 17 de junho de 2018   【ユニットロゴ公開!摩天ロケット】 ~デザイン裏話~ 天を目指すロケットをイメージに構成されています。凝縮したシルエットから、彼らのチャームポイントである元気さを感じてもらえたら嬉しいです。 #レディ pic.twitter.com/tpTpw05ZG0 — 『Readyyy!』プロジェクト公式 (@Readyyy_info) 17 de junho de 2018   【ユニットロゴ公開!Just 4U】 ~デザイン裏話~ 一見可愛らしさが目をひくユニットですが、男の子としての格好よさが表現されています。 年少組の可愛いだけじゃない格好よさ、年長組の信頼感だけじゃないセクシーさを感じて頂けると嬉しいです。 #レディ pic.twitter.com/WGbt5CsPf9 — 『Readyyy!』プロジェクト公式 (@Readyyy_info) 17 de junho de 2018   【ユニットロゴ公開!RayGlanZ】 ~デザイン裏話~ 彼らの男らしさと鋭さをイメージし、煌めきと骨太さで構成しています。 ドッシリと構えたシルエットで、強さや安定感、そしてギラつきを感じてください。 #レディ pic.twitter.com/Ea48ib2zOK — 『Readyyy!』プロジェクト公式 (@Readyyy_info)...

Readyyy! Project to hold 4th live event in July

Readyyy! project have a new live event planned for next month. Readyyy! project's units are going to hold their 4th special live event. "Gold Stage Vol 4. Bokura, natsu no taiyo yori atsuku omotenashi shimasu!~" on 16/07/2018 at Yomiuri Hall in Tokyo. Just 4 U, La-Veritta, RayGlanZ, 摩天ロケット (Maten Rocket) and SP!CA are confirmed to attend this event. The event includes: Performances by all groups Premiere of SP!CA, Just 4U, RayGlanZ...

Readyyy! Project to hold new live event next week

Readyyy! project have announced a new live event for the coming week. Readyyy! project's units are going to hold a new live event next week titled Gold Stage Vol 3. bokura, 〇〇 o kikasemasu!. Masaya Matsukaze is going to be the MC for the event, one that will count with more than just live performances by all units under this project. Viewers can expect from this event: ...

Readyyy! Project to hold special live event this Sunday

Readyyy! project have yet another live event in their plans. The talented rookie units hop on stage this Sunday for a special broadcast. Readyyy! project's units are going to hold a special live event. The event is going to be broadcasted live on 20/05/2018 at 8 p.m JST through Youtube, Periscope, FRESH! and Nico Nico. The links are the following: Youtube Periscope - @Readyyy_info ...

[Sega Fes 2018] Readyyy! Project announce digital single releases, 3 new live events, new cast

Readyyy! project was filled with announcements during today's panel at Sega Fes 2018. We break them all down for you in this special article. Today, Readyyy! project's units were present at Sega Fes 2018 to talk about the upcoming game release as well as to exclusively unveil RayGlanZ's official music video for "GO NOW", confirm two new live events and have a sneak peek...

Readyyy! Project to live broadcast today’s panel at Sega Fes 2018

Readyyy! project is going to live broadcast today's panel at Sega Fes 2018. Today, Readyyy! project's units hop on stage at Sega Fes 2018, event fully dedicated to Sega's games. The new idol project goes on stage at 3 p.m JST and is going to broadcast their panel + performances live through Youtube, Twitch and Nico Nico. Follow any of these links...





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