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Daiki Yamashita To Release New Digital Single “Sequel”

Big news for Daiki Yamashita's fans. The popular seiyuu and solo artist is going to release a new digital single titled "Sequel".

Soma Saito featured on Weekly TV Guide October 13, 2023 issue

The latest issue of Weekly TV Guide features an interview with the popular seiyuu and singer-songwriter, Soma Saito.

Out this Week | Hypnosis Mic, Hiroshi Kamiya, Mamoru Miyano and more

Busy week with Hypnosis Mic, DIG-ROCK, Technoroid, Tsukiuta, TOKYO COLOR SONIC!!, Mamoru Miyano and more coming back.

Out this Week | KAORU and HARUTA’s “Air Quotes” digital singles

Double digital singles for the Hana-Doll* franchise with KAORU and HARUTA being the first ones to participate in the "Air Quotes" series.

Out this Week | STYLE FIVE “Free! STYLE FIVE BEST ALBUM ~Timeless Blue~”

This week, revisit STYLE FIVE's iconic songs in the best of album “Free! STYLE FIVE BEST ALBUM ~Timeless Blue~”.

Out this Week | SparQlew “we will…”

The talented seiyuu unit SparQlew arrives this week with its long-awaited mini-album "we will...".

Out this Week | Loulou*di “NOTHING”, RUBIA Leopard “RESISTANCE“ and more

This is a big week for 2D rock group/band fans with RUBIA Leopard, HOUND ROAR and Executioner releasing new music.

Out this Week | Tetsuya Kakihara and Crazy:B

Tetsuya Kakihara arrives with the long-awaited 9th mini-album "Waratte ite..." and Crazy:B kicks off a new ALBUM SERIES for the Ensemble Stars!! franchise.

Out this Week | XlamV “Climb”

After a series of near perfect digital singles, rising star 2D group XlamV finally arrives with its 1st EP "Climb".

Out this Week | Makoto Furukawa’s “Place your bets” and Goshi’s “Flame”

Makoto Furukawa is back with stylish new music in "Place your bets", THRIVE's Goshi releases his 1st solo track and more.

Out this Week | cozmez VS Akkan Yatsura, Yuma Uchida and more

cozmez and Akkan Yatsura battle it out in the new CD "TRUST", SPYAIM is back to deceive everyone and more Out This Week.

Out this Week | 2wink “Turbulent Storm”, Nobuhiko Okamoto “Fondant”, and more

2wink arrives to impress with "Turbulent Storm", Nobuhiko Okamoto brings his 6th single "Fondant", TOKYO COLOR SONIC!!, DYNAMIC CHORD and IDOLiSH7 complete the week in style.

Out this Week | REAL⇔FAKE “FOR GOOD”

The REAL⇔FAKE TV series ties everything up with the release of the special album "FOR GOOD", featuring all tracks from the last season.

Out this Week | Valkyrie “Meikyu Denshi Kairo” and more

This week brings you a new CD by Ensemble Stars!!'s theatrical duo Valkyrie as well as a special single by Hi!Superb.