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Review | OSIRIS “Chain”

Nostalgia hits hard for OSIRIS' emotionally raw comeback track that is "Chain".

Decade in Review | Best Rock songs of the decade

The sound of shredding guitars, the impact of the drum sticks on a tight snare, the mesmerizing bass lines that add groove and depth, the powerful vocals. Rock is an amazing and versatile music genre in which creative freedom is respected and showing one's unique colors is more than welcomed. Few seiyuu venture completely to careers as rock frontman and...

Decade in Review | Best Ballads of the decade

There are times that a bubbly pop song or a headbanging rock tune just don't cut it. You are tired or going through a lot in your life and the best way to let your emotions out is while listening to a soothing, lullabyish yet heartbreaking ballad. Or perhaps you listen to ballads just because you enjoy the genre and...

WAЯROCK to hold live in 2020

WAЯROCK has plans for 2020. WAЯROCK (singer and seiyuu Masanori Kobayashi) is going to kick of 2020 with a 5th one man live. The Declarer ~An it harm none, do what ye will~ is the title of the upcoming live, scheduled to be held at SPACE ODD in Tokyo on 22/02/2020. Tickets are already available for purchase at livepocket. SOURCE: Masanori Kobayashi official...

Band Yarouze! unveil details on upcoming joint live

Band Yarouze!
Band Yarouze! unveiled new details on the upcoming joint live. BAND YAROUZE! Christmas Duel Carnival is going to be held at Toyosu Pit in Tokyo on 08/12/2019. Joining OSIRIS (Masanori Kobayashi on vocals) and Cure2tron (Tomoyo Kurusawa on vocals) are BLAST (Yoji Ikuta on vocals). The band is the new confirmation for this duel live. For more details, including ticketing info, please...

WAЯROCK to hold new live in November

WAЯROCK is back on stage this November. WAЯROCK (singer and seiyuu Masanori Kobayashi) has just wrapped up a live but, at the same time, announced details on an upcoming live, this time around, to be held on his birthday, November 8, 2019. The Declarer ~Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it.~ is the title of the special live, scheduled to be held at...

OSIRIS and Cure2tron to hold joint live in December

Band Yarouze!
OSIRIS and Cure2tron are going to perform live in December. Band Yarouze!'s OSIRIS and Cure2tron are to hold a join live tentatively titled 「Band Yarouze!」SPECIAL GIG 2019 at Toyosu Pit in Tokyo on 08/12/2019. For more details, please refer to the official website (link below). SOURCE: Band Yarouze! official website

WAЯROCK to hold 2nd live in May

WAЯROCK has a new live planned. After making his solo debut, WAЯROCK (singer and seiyuu Masanori Kobayashi) is back with details on a new live. The 2nd live is titled 〜Magiarhythm〜 and is going to be held at CLUB SEATA in Tokyo on 12/05/2019. WAЯROCK 2nd ONEMAN LIVE 2019.5.12(日) 〜Magiarhythm〜 @吉祥寺CLUB SEATA OPEN16:00 START17:00 先行抽選受付中 3/30 12:00〜 4/3 23:59 先行抽選受付は明日(4/3)の23:59までです。 令和元年最初のLIVEを、一緒に最幸の幕開けにしよう!!! 待ってます🎤https://t.co/Ljfbr12LCc — 小林正典 (@kmasa1108) 2 de abril de 2019 Tickets are already available...

Band Yarouze! unveil cover art for COMPLETE DUEL GIGS BOX

The cover art for Band Yarouze!'s special live DVD/Blu-ray box is out. Band Yarouze! announced yesterday the release of COMPLETE DUEL GIGS BOX, release that includes footage from 3 of the franchise's live shows. COMPLETE DUEL GIGS BOX is scheduled to be released on 20/03/2019, available in DVD and Blu-ray editions. The box's art is the following: The box comes with 3 discs,...

Masanori Kobayashi wraps up 1st live, announces solo project WAЯROCK

Masanori Kobayashi recently wrapped up his 1st solo live. Details on his solo project as well as new live dates announced. Masanori Kobayashi, by many known as the voice of OSIRIS's Kyo (Band Yarouze!), has wrapped up his first solo live, -The World of Singularity = ∞ - held at Zirco Tokyo on 28/01/2019. A couple of announcements were made after the...





JET RAT FURY "MorningGlory"

Review | (2)you “MorningGlory”

(2)you's “MorningGlory” is a first full-length album with a strong identity and exciting punk-rock/punk-pop sound at its core.
KAGARIBI Judah Display cover

Review | Judah “Display”

Known as the most aggressive rocker - personality and sound - in the Dear Vocalist franchise, Judah ends up delivering the most romantic album in the franchise with "Display".

Review | Joshua “FLOWERS”

JOSHUA’s “FLOWERS” is an emotional rollercoaster of an album, with Nobunaga Shimazaki delivering a set of heartwrenching performances.
pioniX Seasons Haru oshimu

Review | pioniX “Haru oshimu”

pioniX perfectly capture the "Spring" theme with their first entry in the SEASONS CD series "Haru Oshimu".


“PARADOX LIVE EXHIBITION SHOW” counts with good vibes, plenty of highlights, incisive rap by Bae, The Cat's Whiskers, cozmez & Akkan Yatsura.