SCREEN mode One Man LIVE 2023 “Wake up Stars!” to be held in April

SCREEN mode celebrates its 10th anniversary with a special live show taking place this April.

OLDCODEX to disband in 2022

Lantis confirmed that OLDCODEX will disband after the release of their last song in 2022.

OLDCODEX goes on hiatus + cancels release of “Heading to Over – Version:Free -“

Lantis announced that OLDCODEX will be going on a hiatus following the recent events with Tatsuhisa Suzuki.

OLDCODEX and SCREEN mode to perform at Kyoani Music Festival

OLDCODEX and SCREEN mode revisit some of their most iconic songs featured in anime series by the renowned animation studio.

OLDCODEX to perform theme song for Free!-the Final Stroke- Part 1 [UPDATED]

OLDCODEX continues its collaboration with Free!. The band returns to perform the theme song for the 1st movie in Free!-the Final Stroke-.

GRANRODEO, GYROAXIA and more join lineup for Anisama 2021

The 1st batch of performers for this 2021's Animelo Summer Live is out. Plenty of rock bands featuring seiyuu on this year's lineup.

OLDCODEX release preview of remixes on “Full Colors”

OLDCODEX give yet another taste of one of the tracks featured on "Full Colors". A preview of "Deal with -banvox Remix-" is out.

OLDCODEX release preview of “Aching Horns” remix

OLDCODEX's "Aching Horns" gets an aesthetical overhaul for its remix version. A special video for it is out.
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