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Mamoru Miyano “Break It” – Details unveiled

Mamoru Miyano's new single "Break It" is only a few weeks away from its release and finally all details concerning it are available. This is Mamoru's 11th single and will be featured as the opening theme for TV Anime "CARDFIGHT!! Vanguard G", that will start airing in Japan by the end of October. "BREAK IT" is scheduled to be released on 12/11/2014 and...

Mamoru Miyano 11th single – Title unveiled

Mamoru Miyano brings us a new single next month and finally its title has been revealed! The 11th single in Mamoru's repertoire is titled "BREAK IT" and will be featured as the opening theme for TV Anime "CARDFIGHT!! Vanguard G", that will start airing in Japan by the end of October. "BREAK IT" is scheduled to be released on 12/11/2014 and is available in...

Lagrange Point “Black Swan” – Details unveiled

Lagrange Point debuted this past August and they don't plan to stop with their addictive sound. The seiyuu unit created by Rejet and consisting of Toshiyuki Toyonaga and Genki Okawa is back with new music in the last quarter of the year. This is the unit's second release, their second single titled "Black Swan". The announcement was made on Rejet's 24h event...

Showtaro Morikubo “TRIBALISM 〜sunrise side〜” – Tracklist unveiled

Showtaro Morikubo brings us the follow up to "TRIBALISM 〜sunrise side〜", released earlier this year. As it's already known, the new mini-album is titled "TRIBALISM 〜sunset side〜" and is scheduled to be released on 05/11/2014.  Once again the mini-album is only available in one edition (regular), the cover art is the only element left to be revealed regarding this release. This time Showtaro Morikubo...

Hiroshi Kamiya ハレヨン (Review)

The wait is over for Hiroshi Kamiya 's new mini-album  ハレヨン . As Kamiya's 3rd mini-album it brings it brings with it a lot of pressure from the fans that created a big hype around it, mainly in Japan. As a top seiyuu Kamiya always manages to draw everyone's attention towards him and this release is no exception at all.  ハレヨン had a lot...

SID “Enamel” (Review)

SID's new single "ENAMEL" is certainly being caught in a lot of hype and a big amount of this hype comes from anime fans around the world. The single is featured is featured as the opening theme for anime "Kuroshitsuji - Book of Circus" and has turned out to be August's most anticipated release. "ENAMEL" is available in four versions: regular, anime, limited...

Lagrange Point “Catastrophe” (Review)

Lagrange Point make their debut as the second seiyuu unit coming out of otome game/drama CD company Rejet. Their seniors in terms of debut, Marginal #4, are already in the music business since 2013 and have managed to impress almost everyone in the business, of course we're talking about the best seiyuu unit at the time in Japan. Let's...

SID “Enamel” – PV preview available

With 10 days left until the release of SID's newest single "ENAMEL", more details regarding the bonuses have been revealed, as well as a snippet of promotional video for the title track. ENAMEL is featured as the opening theme for anime "Kuroshitsuji - Book of Circus" . "ENAMEL" is scheduled to be released on 27/08/2014. It's available in four versions: regular, anime, limited...

Mamoru Miyano new single – Details unveiled

Mamoru Miyano has his 11th single on the way and, besides the fact that it's still untitled and there's not that much information out, it's already causing a certain hype around his fans. The yet untitled single is scheduled to be released on 12/11/2014 and is available in regular edition only. A s advanced in Mamoru Miyano's website, the single comes...

Lagrange Point announce second single

Lagrange Point, Rejet's newest seiyuu unit project is making their debut in three days and, as expected, we'll be hearing more of them in the next quarter of the year. CATASTROPHE is the stepping stone for this unit consisting of Toshiyuki Toyonaga and Genki Okawa. The single is scheduled to be released on 13/08/2014 and is already available in its preview version (est....





Shouta Aoi BAD END cover

Review | Shouta Aoi “BAD END”

With BAD END, Shouta Aoi presents fans with fresh songs and unique vocal performances that are a clear improvement from last year's Harmony.


Inspired guitar riffs, powerful drums and memorable bass lines helped shape up the absolute banger that is GYROAXIA's SCATTER.
Soma Saito Petrichor cover

Review | Soma Saito “Petrichor”

Soma Saito's Petrichor will put your senses through a unique sonic experience filled with elegance, flair and maturity.
Yuma Uchida Over

Review | Yuma Uchida “Over”

Yuma Uchida really went for it, didn’t he? Explosive, impactful and fresh while still familiar, Over takes the throne as his best single to date.
OLDCODEX Core Fade regular

Review | OLDCODEX “Core Fade”

Electronica takes center stage for OLDCODEX’s Core Fade and the results in yet another raw and powerful entry in their repertoire.