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Soichiro Hoshi to release special live mini-album

Soichiro Hoshi is going to release a special mini-album next month. The veteran seiyuu is making his first release in two years, although not on a large scale. This is set to be a limited release. More details about Hoshi's new release below.  Titled "StarRing PARTY☆", this special live CD will only be available for those who attend "SOICHIRO HOSHI 2nd LIVE “StarRing...

Soichiro Hoshi to kick off his second live show in May

Veteran seiyuu and pop singer Soichiro Hoshi is back on the road for a new live. His second live titled "SOICHIRO HOSHI 2nd LIVE “StarRing PARTY☆" is set for this May.  The live is going to be held in Tokyo at Nakano zero main hall on 07/05/2016. The event was planned by Shoichiro Hoshi himself and is produced by Frontier Works. Hoshi released in 2014 his...

Shouta Aoi “Murasaki” (Review)

Shouta Aoi's 4th single "Murasaki" is finally out. With mesmerizing high notes mixed with traditional japanese elements, Shouta shows us a magnificent pop and rock spectacle. Single: MURASAKI Label: Broccoli Release date: 02/09/15 Genre: J-Pop Tracklist: 1 - MURASAKI  2 - 哀唄 3 - MURASAKI (off vocal) 4 - 哀唄 (off vocal) Track by track analysis: 1 - MURASAKI Mixing traditional japanese elements with danceable pop, MURASAKI  is a one-of-a-kind track...

Shouta Aoi “Murasaki” – PV preview available

And it's official: all the details regarding Shouta Aoi's 4th single "Murasaki" are out in the open. More details under the cuff. Broccoli has updated their official youtube with the snippet of the promotional video for "Murasaki". https://youtu.be/1S_nTSsO0C4 With this final update all the information regarding "Murasaki" is complete. You can check it out below. "Murasaki" is going to be released on 02/09/2015,  available in...

Shouta Aoi “Murasaki” – Final details unveiled

Shouta Aoi's 4th single "Murasaki" is roughly one month away from it's release. Broccoli has finally updated the final details regarding it. "Murasaki" is scheduled to be released on 02/09/2015, and is available in three editions: regular, limited A and limited B. The cover art was unveiled this week and is stunningly beautiful: Shouta wrote the song and lyrics for 哀唄. The full tracklist...

OLDCODEX – pledge (Review)

What a better way to kick off this month than with OLDCODEX's newest mini-album pledge. The famous band returns this year with this mini-album after last year with Dried up Youthful Fame, that was well accepted by the fans, which leaves us to expect a good performance on this one as well. Without any further ado let's get this review started. pledge is only...

OLDCODEX “pledge” – Final details unveiled

OLDCODEX are back with new music in April and the final details regarding the punk-rockers newest release "pledge" are finally available. Both the tracklist and the cover art were unveiled recently and have caused a wave of enthusiasm on OLDCODEX's fans. The tracklist features a total of 6 tracks and out of those 6, Tatsuhisa Suzuki (ta_2) has written the music for...

OLDCODEX “pledge” – Details unveiled

OLDCODEX are in the works for their comeback this April. The band consisting of seiyuu Tatsuhisa Suzuki and painter YORKE. is back with "pledge", the band's 3rd mini-album. After a powerful A Silent, within the Roar, the band promises more music and upped their ante in what seems so far to be an interesting release - the 1st single taken...

Showtaro Morikubo “TRIBALISM 〜sunset side〜” – Cover art unveiled

"TRIBALISM 〜sunset side〜" is scheduled to be released next month and finally both the cover art and promotional photos are available. This is the counterpart to the mini-album "TRIBALISM 〜sunrise side〜". "TRIBALISM 〜sunset side〜" has all its elements finally available: tracklist, promotional video preview and now the cover art that fits with its counterpart. "TRIBALISM 〜sunset side〜" is scheduled to be...

Showtaro Morikubo “TRIBALISM 〜sunset side〜” – PV preview available

The follow up to Showtaro Morikubo's  "TRIBALISM 〜sunrise side〜", released earlier this year is almost here. The counterpart to that mini-album is "TRIBALISM 〜sunset side〜", mini-album to be released on 05/11/2014.  "TRIBALISM 〜sunset side〜" is available in a single edition: regular. Regarding the packaging of this mini-album the only element left to unveil is the cover art. This weekend, Lantis released the promotional video...





UMake Darling! regular

Review | UMake “Darling!”

UMake continue to spread their gentle and easy-listening music with the sweet single "Darling!".
Showtaro Morikubo LIGHT of JUSTICE

Review | Showtaro Morikubo “LIGHT of JUSTICE”

Showtaro Morikubo’s “LIGHT of JUSTICE” is another good entry in his repertoire packing quite the punch with his trademark hardrock.

Review | Dotsuitare Hompo vs Buster Bros!!!

Dotsuitare Hompo vs Buster Bros!!! brings the bounce of funk and a lot of excitement to the table in what ended up being a battle of equals.

Review | pioniX “Xtory -Ketsu-“

pioniX wrap up their participation in the Neo X Lied series with the outstanding power ballad "Ready to fly".

Review | Rikka and Eichi “Neo X Lied Series vol.3”

Rikka and Eichi color the Neo X Lied series with their unique matchup and ethereal sound in “Iris”.