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OLDCODEX to comeback this June

The famous band OLDCODEX has announced another single to come out this summer. Although this is the band's first release this year, it's predictable that they want to maintaining the same pattern of releasing more than once every year, this news already being expected by the fans. OLDCODEX's previous singles, from last year were Feed A, Lantana, pledge and Aching Horns. At the moment we...

Wataru Hatano “運命のCoda” – Final details unveiled

Wataru Hatano's 6th single release is just around the corner. The versatile seiyuu and pop-rocker is back with new music, this time with 運命のCoda, track that is set to be featured as the opening theme for the "Dance With Devils" otome game set to be released this year. AVEX finally updated everything there is about this release. We take a look at what's...

Mamoru Miyano – How close you are (Review)

Mamoru Miyano releases his first maxi-single of the year. How Close You Are is featured as the ending theme is the currently airing anime Ajin: Demi-Human is which Mamoru is also the main character. Last year he released his fifth album Frontier.  More information regarding the single: Single: How Close You Are Label: King Records Release date: 27/01/16 Genre: J-Pop/Dance The tracklist is the following: 01 HOW CLOSE...

Mamoru Miyano “How close you are” – Music video snippet is out

"How close you are" is just around the corner. Mamoru Miyano's newest single is already in rotation on Japanese music channels and on youtube Mamoru Miyano's official channel has a snippet available for international fans. "How Close You are", is Mamo's new single scheduled to be released on 27/01/2016 and available in one edition only - maxi-single. The title track is going to...

Mamoru Miyano “How close you are” – Details unveiled

Mamoru Miyano kicks 2016 off with a new single. The Japanese seiyuu / singer is set to release his 14th single this January. Titled "How Close You are", the new single is scheduled to be released on 27/01/2016, available in one edition only - maxi-single. The title track is going to be featured as the ending theme for seinen/horror anime "Ajin" set...

Wataru Hatano set to release new single in 2016

Wataru Hatano is back with a new single to kick off 2016! The japanese rocker is making his comeback in the first quarter of 2016. More details under the cuff. It was announced today via Hatano's official twitter account that he's working on his 6th single! 羽多野渉6thシングル「運命のCoda」発売決定〜‼︎ PSVita®「Dance with Devils」オープニング『運命のCoda』。 そして、劇場版「Fw:ハマトラ」主題歌『Rolling life』が収録されたダブルタイアップシングルです! — 羽多野渉 公式 (@hatano_official) 9 dezembro 2015 Titled 運命のCoda, the new single...

Naozumi Takahashi to make his comeback in 2016

It's official! Naozumi Takahashi is making is comeback in 2016 after almost two years of hiatus. His fans were starting to get thirsty after this much time waiting for a new release. Naozumi's agency T-Promotion made the official announcement on twitter last week. 高橋直純『高橋直純ニューシングル特典情報!!』 ⇒ https://t.co/QqgFrtHoNk — T-promotion (@Tpromotion2013) 3 dezembro 2015 The veteran singer / seiyuu is going to release simultaneously 4 new singles, the...

Takuma Terashima “Inner Star” (Review)

Takuma Terashima is back with a new single. "Inner Star" promises to be a befitting follow up to PRISM. One year out of the music business was enough to polish his sound? What changes can be found in this release? This and more under the cuff. Single: Inner Star Label: Lantis Release date: 18/11/15 Genre: J-Rock/Alternative Tracklist: 1.INNER STAR 2.君の季節 3.ビビッドナイトフィーバー! 4.INNER STAR (Instrumental) 5.君の季節 (Instrumental) 6.ビビッドナイトフィーバー! (Instrumental) Track by track...

OLDCODEX “Aching Horns” – Details unveiled

OLDCODEX are making their comeback by the end of the year with their new single "Aching Horns", the song set as the opening theme for "High Speed! Free! Starting Days" is now available in a teaser video on Lantis' official youtube channel. "Aching Horns" is scheduled to be released on 16/12/2015, available in three editions: regular, anime and limited edition. The cover art is the...

Takuma Terashima “Inner Star” – Final details unveiled

Takuma Terashima is making his comeback after more than a year of hiatus. His new single is set to be released next week and he final details regarding it are now available. More details under the cuff. "Inner Star" is Terashima's 4th single release and is scheduled to be released on 18/11/2015, available in two diferent editions: regular and limited. The cover...





TRIGGER My Precious World

Review | TRIGGER “My Precious World”

My Precious World puts TRIGGER outside of their comfort zone, going for a bassy, dreamy sound that begs for - and gets - a powerful, intense performance in return.
Makoto Furukawa Honjitsu mo Makoto ni Seiten nari regular

Review | Makoto Furukawa “Honjitsu mo Makoto ni Seiten nari”

Makoto Furukawa goes for a bewitching performance in the masterful single that is "Honjitsu mo Makoto ni Seiten nari".
Showtaro Morikubo WAY OUT

Review | Showtaro Morikubo “WAY OUT”

Showtaro Morikubo goes darker and darker with his new single, WAY OUT.


NOISE NOVA show off the quality in their experienced lineup and ethereal dance sound in "True Place".
EROSION Aspiration

Review | EROSION “Aspiration”

"Aspiration" finds the 5-vocal rock band leaning towards electronic rock and ballads, with mixed results.