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OLDCODEX – Fixed Engine (Review)

OLDCODEX has returned with a Best of album which re-visits the band's repertoire adding two new tracks, Milestone and Anthem, promising to add something new to the band's catalog. Without any further ado, let's get this review started. More information regarding the album. Album: Fixed Engine Label: Lantis Release date: 08/06/16 Genre: Punk-rock Tracklist 1 MILESTONE 2 3 FLAG ON THE HILL 4 HARSH WIND 5 COLD HANDS 6 CATAL RHYTHM 7 THE MISFIT GO 8 RAGE ON 9 WALK 10 DRIED UP YOUTHFUL FAME 11 LANTANA 12 FEED A 13 ACHING...

Mamoru Miyano – Shout! (Review)

Mamoru Miyano is back with another release titled SHOUT!, a single with a lot of already known names behind it, namely STY, in SHOUT!, and Jin Nakamura in UPSIDE DOWN. This single features the opening theme of the currently airing anime Cardfight!! Vanguard G, as well as the opening and ending themes of  Mamoru's "Mamoru Miyano Radio Smile" radio show. So...

OLDCODEX to release new single for “Servamp” anime series

Following next month's release of "Fixed Engine", OLDCODEX already have their hands full another release. The punk rock band fronted by seiyuu Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Ta_2) is back with even more music for what is going to be a summer full of great tunes. More on this below. The new single is set as the opening themes for this summer's anime "Servamp" (in...

Mamoru Miyano “Shout” – Music video teaser is out

Mamoru Miyano is back with new music new month. "Shout!" is Mamo's second release this year, a follow up to "How Close you Are". King Records has updated the final details regarding this new release, finally unveiling a snippet of the title track's music video. "SHOUT!" Mamoru Miyano's 14th single and is scheduled to be released on 11/05/2016 , available in a single edition...

Mamoru Miyano “Shout” – Details unveiled

Mamoru Miyano's 14th single is close to its release. Miyano does a complete 360 to his image this time sportying something a bit reminiscent to the "Ultra Fly" days. This week more details regarding this new release were unveiled. We take a look at those below. "SHOUT!" is scheduled to be released on 11/05/2016 , available in a single edition (CD + DVD). The...

OLDCODEX “Fixed Engine” – Teaser video released

"Fixed Engine" is surrounded by an a thunderous hype as Lantis has released the promotional teaser for OLDCODEX's new track "Anthem". The album scheduled to be released this summer counts with an additional new track. More on this below. 「Fixed Engine」is scheduled to be released on 08/06/16, available in three different editions: red, green and blue. "Anthem" is the track set to...

Mamoru Miyano new single – Title unveiled

King Records has announced the title for Mamoru Miyano's new single set to be featured as the opening theme for next season's anime "Cardfight Vanguard G" as well as the new opening theme for his radio show "Mamoru Miyano Radio Smile". Titled "SHOUT!", Mamoru's 14th single is scheduled to be released on 11/05/2016 , available in a single edition (CD + DVD). Although...

OLDCODEX “Fixed Engine” – Details unveiled

One of the most anticipated releases for this summer is OLDCODEX' singles collection "Fixed Engine". The punk rockers are back, this time taking their fans for a ride back to where it all began. But that's not all. This collection comes with three new tracks prepared especially for this release. 「Fixed Engine」is scheduled to be released on 08/06/16, available in three...

Mamoru Miyano has a new single in the works

Mamoru Miyano is back with great news! The 32 year old seiyuu is back in the studio working on his 14th single. The new single, still untitled and scheduled to be released on 11/05/2016 will be available in a single edition (CD + DVD). The single will be featured as the opening theme for next season's anime "Cardfight Vanguard G". It...

OLDCODEX single collection “Fixed Engine” – Details unveiled

As reported this week, OLDCODEX are back with more music, this time with a single collection. Looking back into OCD's music history that is filled with hits, this will be an interesting piece to add to your collection, as well as it might be a good introductory album for those that are trying to get to know this punk-rock...





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