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GRANRODEO to release new single in 2014

Japanese hardrock giants GRANRODEO are back in 2014 with a new single. The band fronted by seiyuu Kishow Taniyama and built around the multitalented guitarist e-Zuka bring us in February their yet untitled single. The single is scheduled to be released on 12/02/14 and will be available in three editions: regular, deluxe with DVD and anime version. This new release...

Hiroshi Kamiya and Daisuke Ono – Glow My Way (Review)

“Glow my way” is the new single by Japan's Golden Duo: Hiroshi Kamiya and Daisuke Ono. The two prolific seiyuu release once again another strong single that will be featured as their radio program “Hiroshi Kamiya & Daisuke Ono Dear Girl Stories” opening theme. Dear Girl Stories is not your typical radio show. This show hosted by prolific seiyuu Hiroshi...

Mamoru Miyano 10th single to be released in February

The date for the release of Mamoru Miyano’s 10th Single has been recently decided. The prolific seiyuu will release his yet untitled single on 19/02/2014. This single will be the opening theme for TV anime Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life, Season 2 in which Mamoru Miyano voices the main character Wooser. As soon as more details regarding the single emerge we will update this news. In September the...

Kenichi Suzumura – “All right” (Review)

Heavy riffs, outstanding basslines, vocals constantly improving and an overall good set of rock songs make "All Right" a single that won't get out of our heads for a long time. Japanese prolific seiyuu Kenichi Suzumura is back with his 10th single titled "All Right". This is his first release this year and breaks the fast for his fans that...

OLDCODEX – “Walk” (review)

OLDCODEX are back with another electric single. "Walk", scheduled to hit the stores on 13/11/2013 is featured as the ending theme for basketball-themed anime “Kuroko no basuke”. We got hand on an early copy of the single and we can say that this a pretty high voltage single with all things a good punk-rock fan loves. Info regarding the single: Single: "WALK" Label: Lantis Genre: J-rock/ Punk-rock Release...

Yutaku II to release new single “Brave Quest” in December

Yutaku II, unit consisting of seiyuu Yuki Ono and Takuya Eguchi are back with a new single. "Brave Quest" is scheduled to hit the stores on 04/12/13. This is the second release the duo has made so far. "third Wizard / IN FUTURE!!" was the debut single released earlier this year and was featured as the ending theme for "Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes"...

Hiroshi Kamiya announces new single『START AGAIN』

Prolific seiyuu Hiroshi Kamiya has announced a new single. 『START AGAIN』is his 4th single and is scheduled to be released on 29/01/2014. The 38 year old seiyuu is releasing this new single two years after the release of "Such a Beautiful Affair" (2012). So far regarding the single we only know that there are two different editions scheduled to be released: regular...

Hiroshi Kamiya & Daisuke Ono “Glow My Way” cover art revealed

"Glow my Way", newest single by the golden duo consisting of prolific seiyuu Hiroshi Kamiya and Daisuke Ono is being released on 20/11/2013. The song “Glow my way” will be the theme song of the golden duo’s radio program “Hiroshi Kamiya & Daisuke Ono Dear Girl Stories” show aired every Saturday in Japan. More info about it on our earlier...

Shouta Aoi to release new single “Virginal” in 2014

Young seiyuu Shouta Aoi is going to release his first single titled "Virginal". Once again the single is produced with the help of Elements Garden, masters with electronic pop music arrangements, known for their work with Miyano Mamoru, Nana Mizuki or even with all the seiyuu behind the shoujo anime "Uta No Prince-Sama", anime where Shouta voices the character...

Showtaro Morikubo to release new single「CHAIN REACTION」in November

Japanese multi-talented seiyuu Showtaro Morikubo is back with a new single after one year without releasing any music under his solo project. Still, regarding anime character songs he has been quite active this year. The 39 year old Tokyo native delivers once again a rock-oriented single that, so far as the preview for the single goes, it sounds incredibly good. Single 「CHAIN...





Sir Vanity Yu

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A new generation of rock bands kicks off with the passion and energy of Sir Vanity in the outstanding debut single, Vanity / Haruka.
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Review | Shouta Aoi “BAD END”

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