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Out this Week | aoppella!?, Daiki Yamashita, Rei & Shio and more

pioniX and DIG-ROCK franchise wrap up their ongoing CD series, Daiki Yamashita releases a new digital single and more.

Daiki Yamashita To Release New Digital Single “Sequel”

Big news for Daiki Yamashita's fans. The popular seiyuu and solo artist is going to release a new digital single titled "Sequel".

Monthly Review: Yuma Uchida shines with “1 LOVE 1”, Anthos* steals the show and more

From Yuma Uchida's unannounced hit "1 LOVE 1" to Anthos*'s show-stealing "FAKE," check all the highlights in May 2023.

Monthly Review: Mamoru Miyano rocks the stage, XlamV is the 2D idol group to follow

Mamoru Miyano arrives as the big surprise in April 2023, experimenting a lot with "Quiet Explosion", XlamV impresses with its debut single "From Me" and more.

Monthly Review: Sir Vanity nails it with “midnight sun”, TRIGGER goes all out and more

Sir Vanity dominates March 2023 with "midnight sun", TRIGGER stands out in "BLACK or White", UMake upgrades its sound and more.

Monthly Review: Kent Ito dazzles with “Hanabi”, Shunichi Toki brings back rock and more

Kent Ito and Shunichi Toki dazzle in January and February 2023 with two albums that are all about good vibes and stylish performances.

Monthly Review: Soma Saito steals the show with “Yin/Yang”, and more

Soma Saito, ZOOL and NSFW arrive to wrap up 2022 in style with mindblowing performances and never-before-tried concepts.

Monthly Review: Mamoru Miyano impresses with “THE ENTERTAINMENT” and more

Mamoru Miyano, Veronica, Miyu Irino, and Wataru Hatano showed their cards in November 2022, leaving a big impression.

Monthly Review: Anthos* steals the show with “TELL”, JET RAT FURY impresses and more

JET RAT FURY, Daisuke Ono and Anthos* stand out in an uneventful October 2022 in terms of music quality.

Monthly Review: Yuma Uchida celebrates his birthday in style, Kent Ito makes a stellar solo debut and more

Kent Ito impress with his debut, Yuma Uchida celebrates his 30th anniversary with a special single, Loulou*di goes darker and darker and more.

Monthly Review: TOBARI steals the show, Tasuku Hatanaka brings funk and surrealism and more

TOBARI teamed up with Takeshi Hama to steal the show, Tasuku Hatanaka delivers a funky album with dashes of surrealism, Re:vale matured as artists and more.

Monthly Review: KAGARIBI goes the emotional route, SparQlew and Gakuto Kajiwara shine and more

KAGARIBI nods at the past but with a loving note on the side, Gakuto Kajiwara delivers a powerful performance in "Irochigai no Itotaba", more.

Monthly Review: Soma Saito does it again with “Rakuen”, Makoto Furukawa, Sir Vanity impress and more

Soma Saito bids goodbye to an era in his solo career with "Rakuen", Makoto Furukawa sweeps everyone off their feet with a dual single in "Ibara Rinbukyoku" and more.

Monthly Review: Shunichi Toki’s “Good for” aims for album of the year, IDOLiSH7 brought back a gentle sound & more

Shunichi Toki took listeners through an 80s and 90s trip with "Good for", IDOLiSH7 delivered a lovely single with "Mallow Blue" and more.