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Kyohso “silent sun” (Review)

Kyohso has comeback with another release for the fans. This time around we have their mini-album silent sun with a couple of already known tracks plus two new ones. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the band, here's a quick background check for you. Kyohso is a band that originally was created for the game series titled Dynamic...

ELEKITER ROUND 0 “Ano Hi no Akanezora no Shita de” (Review)

ELEKITER ROUND 0 are back with a new mini-album あの日の茜空の下で (Ano Hi no Akanezora no Shita de) is the group's 8th minialbum and their second release this year, the follow up to the thunderous "Re:Quiem". Is this mini-album riding on the momentum left by their flawless "Re:Quiem" or is this something on a completely different league? Let's kick off this review. Mini-album: あの日の茜空の下で Label:...

ELEKITER ROUND 0 announce 8th mini-album release

ELEKITER ROUND 0 are making their comeback to the music business after this year's explosive "Re:Quiem". The duo consisting of Shinnosuke Tachibana and Satoshi Hino bring their 8th mini-album before the end of the year. More details under the cuff. Major retailers in Japan have already listed the duo's new release despite the fact that Marine Entertainment still hasn't said a...

Trignal “One Step Forward” (Review)

Trignal make their first 2015 release with their second mini-album "One Step Forward". Did the unit consisting of Ryohei Kimura, Takuya Eguchi and Tsubasa Yonaga live up to the high expectations after the release of "so funny"? Check it out in this review. Single: One Step Forward Label: Kiramune Release date: 17/06/15 Genre: J-Pop Tracklist: 1. 転生純愛ファイター   2. KICKSTARTxTRIGGER   3. GREAT ESCAPE PARTY  4. ESCOLTA   5. RAINBOW  6. MISSION Track...

Miyu Irino “Boku no Mitsuketa Mono” (Review)

Miyu Irino's new mini-album  "Boku no Mitsuketa Mono" is finally out. With a mini-album completely different from his previous "E=mc²", the expectations for it were interestingly high for most fans. Did those pay off in the end? Single: "Boku no Mitsuketa Mono" Label: Kiramune Release date: 08/05/15 Genre: J-Pop Tracklist: 1. THE REVUE  2. 不埒なセッション 3. Happy Day  4. アジサイの花束  5. 月と僕の距離  6. 見果てぬ世界、繋がる想い Track by track analysis: 1. THE REVUE  The slow tempo...

Trignal “One Step Forward” – Final details unveiled

Ryohei Kimura, Takuya Eguchi and Tsubasa Yonaga make their comeback as shinny pop trio Trignal with their second mini-album "One Step Forward". We take a look at the details regarding this release in this post. Following up to last year's power release "so funny", the unit takes "One step forward". Their second mini-album is scheduled to be released on 17/06/2015, available...


ELEKITER ROUND 0 are back after a one year break from their double releases in the first quarter of 2014. With a brand new image and sound ER0 are showing us that they can keep up with the other seiyuu units out there. RE:QUIEM is the long awaited ELEKITER ROUND 0's seventh mini-album. Were those expectations worth anything? Is this any better...

OLDCODEX – pledge (Review)

What a better way to kick off this month than with OLDCODEX's newest mini-album pledge. The famous band returns this year with this mini-album after last year with Dried up Youthful Fame, that was well accepted by the fans, which leaves us to expect a good performance on this one as well. Without any further ado let's get this review started. pledge is only...

ELEKITER ROUND 0 “RE:QUIEM” – Cover art unveiled

ELEKITER ROUND 0 bring us their seventh single, titled RE:QUIEM, next month. The cover art was finally updated. Only the tracklist remains unknown at the moment. Titled RE:QUIEM, the new mini-album is scheduled to be released on 08/04/2015, available in two editions: regular and limited CD+DVD. The cover art was updated on Marine Entertainment's official website and is the following: Regarding the release, it's already known 「千年恋歌」...

Miyu Irino “Boku no Mitsuketa Mono” – Details unveiled

Miyu Irino's newest mini-album  "Boku no Mitsuketa Mono" is only going to be released in late May but all the details concerning it are finally available on Kiramune's official website. "Boku no Mitsuketa Mono" is scheduled to be released on 24/05/2015, available in two different editions: regular and limited. The regular edition is CD only while on the other side the...





Paradox Live TRAP

Review | Paradox Live “TRAP”

The Paradox Live franchise wraps the 1st half of songs released in the Stage Battle CD series in a powerful release filled with highlights.

Review | SOARA “HEART”

SOARA’s mature and nostalgic take on their trademark pop-rock sound shines in "HEART".


TRIGGER outdid themselves with the concept album "VALIANT". This is a statement, an intimate look at a group that has reinvented itself.

Review | Jin Ogasawara “Only one thing”

Jin Ogasawara brings a nostalgic brand of rock to the spotlight with his debut digital single "Only one thing".
Paradox Live Stage Battle VIBES

Review | BAE & Akkan Yatsura “Paradox Live Stage Battle VIBES”

BAE and Akkan Yatsura bring a refreshing mix of funky and laidback vibes in Paradox Live Stage Battle "VIBES".