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SOARA tease fans with preview for upcoming single “ALIEL”

  Tsukino Production continues to tease fans through CGI videos for upcoming singles and key visuals for the anime TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION.  Today, SOARA and GROWTH performed on ALIVE-PARTY 2017 SUMMER-, and unveiled the final key visuals for their groups in the upcoming TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION anime, set to premiere on 04/10/2017. For photos of the event please visit the official ALIVE twitter account. The...

Rejet to shed some light over “Star Revo” on “Rejet2017 ENDLESS SUMMER” event

Since August 2016 Rejet has been hinting at the release of "Star Revo" (Star Revolution) and debut of its units. For one year, fans only got a glimpse of the units and some vague description about the game. It seems that the time has come for Rejet to unveil more details about this project including the long anticipated unit...

SOARA vs GROWTH X Lied series Vol.3 (Review)

SOARA and GROWTH bring their hidden guns for this X Lied volume. Do you want to know why we've labeled this as the best release in the ALIVE X Lied series? Read our review below! Title: ALIVE X Lied Vol 3. Label: Tsukino-Pro Release date: 30/06/2017 Genre: J-Pop/Rock Tracklist: 1. BUZZER BEATER (Makoto Furukawa) 2. 甘き風のプリムラ (Daiki Yamashita) 3. BUZZER BEATER -off vocal- 4. 甘き風のプリムラ -off vocal- Track by track...

Makoto Furukawa and Daiki Yamashita impress in X Lied series Vol.3 snippet video

Makoto Furukawa (SOARA) and Daiki Yamashita (GROWTH) face each for the 3rd X Lied release. Tracklist and song previews are officially out. ALIVE "X Lied" vol.3 is set to be released on 30/06/2017. The single is available as a regular edition (CD only). The cover art is the following: The tracklist is the following: 1. BUZZER BEATER (Makoto Furukawa) 2. 甘き風のプリムラ (Daiki Yamashita) 3. BUZZER BEATER -off vocal- 4....

SOARA and GROWTH X Lied series Vol. 3 – Details unveiled

The X Lied series is back with a strong matchup between SOARA and GROWTH. Tsukino Pro has shared some details regarding this release. ALIVE "X Lied" vol.3 is set to be released on 30/06/2017. This time around we have Makoto Furukawa (SOARA) and Daiki Yamashita (GROWTH) facing each other. The cover art is the following: The tracklist will include 4 tracks (2 songs and...

TSUKIPRO the animation – Anime featuring SolidS, Quell, SOARA and Growth set to premiere this fall

Last December there was a piece of news that left a lot of fans enthusiastic. Tsukino-Pro, management agency for SolidS, Quell, SOARA and Growth - between many more - greenlit an anime adaptation including the aforementioned units. No specific date was announced at that time despite the rumored "in 2017". Today, the release date for the anime is out. The...

SOARA “Wonder Wand” (Review)

SOARA returns with a new single. "Wonder Wand" might falter a bit in the instrumental department but it's the vocal performances that standout to save the day. Title: Wonder Wand Label: Tsukino-Pro Release date: 24/03/2017 Genre: J-Pop-Rock Tracklist: 1:ドラマ「朝、おはようございます」 2:ドラマ「いつかの場所」 3:ドラマ「ライブの舞台裏(望のハンディカメラにて)」 4:ドラマ「さぁ、声を出していこう!」 5:Wonder Wand 6:Wonder Wand -off vocal- Track analysis: 5 - Wonder Wand Wonder Wand is a pretty straightforward, simple pop-rock song with a preppy touch - although not delving into cursed cheesy...

Rejet announces major seiyuu unit lineup for “Star Revo” handheld game

As part of Rejet Fes. announcements was the debut of seven, you read it well, seven new units. "Star Revo" (Star Revolution) is the codename for their first handheld game (available for iOS and android). The game will feature a new bundle of seiyuu units among Rejet's already extensive roster. Rejet will first release the game and on a later date...

SOARA “Soyokaze no uta” (Review)

SOARA are back with a new single. It's our first time listening to something going wrong for this unit. そよかぜの唄 (Soyokaze no uta) has a lot of potential and quality but manages to stumble momentarily, thanks to the sloppy arrangement. This single is part of the "ALIVE SOARA Kachofugetsu Hen" four part series. Single: そよかぜの唄 (Soyokaze no uta) Label: Tsukino-Pro Release date: 16/09/2016 Genre: J-Pop-Rock Tracklist: 1  そよかぜの唄 2  そよかぜの唄 -off vocal- Track analysis: 1...


SOARA are back with their new single "LAPIS BLUE". Following their previous release, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Yuki Ono, Makoto Furukawa, Taishi Murata and Chiharu Sawashiro manage to deliver another top quality performance. With this being said, let's kick off our review on one of the most interesting projects of the year. Single: LAPIS BLUE  Label: Tsukino-Pro Release date: 24/06/2016 Genre: J-Pop-Rock Tracklist: 1 LAPIS BLUE 2 LAPIS BLUE -off vocal- Track analysis: 1 -  LAPIS BLUE With a brighter sound...





EROSION From a Spicy Peak

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EROSION make a bang with their debut single, From a Spicy Peak.
Revale Mirai Notes o Kanadete

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Re:vale continue to impress with their growth and newfound approach to their music in "Mirai Notes o Kanadete".

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QUELL continue to explore the limits of their creativity with HEART and what follows is pure quality music.


IDOLiSH7 showcase a matured sound and improved chemistry and vocals in DiSCOVER THE FUTURE.

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Orchestral rock paints Rei Sukigawa's "Rei no Historia" in an intense yet delicate way. Hypnotizing single.