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Kenjiro Tsuda featured on Weekly TV Guide March 15, 2024 issue

The latest issue of Weekly TV Guide features an interview with the popular seiyuu and actor, Kenjiro Tsuda.

Gray Sheep to release 2nd single “Gray Sheep EP02” in May

Gray Sheep's GOAT and BAD SKUNK are set to participate in the 2nd franchise CD. "Gray Sheep EP02" hits stores in May.

Kaikan Phrase CLIMAX -NEXT GENERATION- to launch in September

Kaikan Phrase CLIMAX -NEXT GENERATION- is confirmed for launch in September. Kaikan Phrase CLIMAX -NEXT GENERATION-, new game project developed by GMO Internet based and in the...

Tatsuhisa Suzuki and Yuma Uchida to perform theme song for Kaikan Phrase CLIMAX -NEXT GENERATION-

Tatsuhisa Suzuki and Yuma Uchida are going to perform the theme song for Kaikan Phrase CLIMAX -NEXT GENERATION-. It was announced today that Tatsuhisa Suzuki (XXX) and...

Makoto Furukawa, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Yuma Uchida and more join Kaikan Phrase CLIMAX -NEXT GENERATION-

There's a new game project in town, Kaikan Phrase CLIMAX -NEXT GENERATION-. Kaikan Phrase CLIMAX -NEXT GENERATION- is a new game project developed by GMO Internet based...