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OLDCODEX to feature new single in Kuroko’s Basketball anime compilation movie

OLDCODEX collaboration with Kuroko's Basketball is still alive. The pop-punk rockers are back with a new single to be featured in the anime's first compilation movie. Lantis hasn't confirmed the news yet but a snippet of the new track is already available on the movie's teaser trailer and the announcement is available on the anime's official website. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRxq1kA2cwU More details regarding this release will...

OLDCODEX – Details regarding the new single

Following the Kuroko's Basketball wagon like GRANRODEO is OLDCODEX. The punk-rockers are back with another new single to be released this summer. The announcement sounded a bit abrupt since the band is still promoting their new single "pledge", to be released in April, but it still made a lot of fans explode with happiness. The official confirmation was given by...

OLDCODEX announce new single for this summer

OLDCODEX are back with a new announcement. The punk-rockers fronted by seiyuu Tatsuhisa Suzuki will bring us a new single scheduled to be released in the second quarter of the year. Just like GRANRODEO's new single announcement, the label mates OLDCODEX are also releasing a new single to be featured on Basketball themed anime "Kuroko's Basketball". The announcement was made through the...

GRANRODEO ” Phantasmagoric Magical Star” (review)

GRANRODEO'S 2014 kicks off with the release of their 21st single titled 「変幻自在のマジカルスター」, romanized "Phantasmagoric Magical Star". And what a way to open this year for the band led by 38 year old multitalented seiyuu KISHOW and guitarist e-ZUKA. This single is featured as the second opening theme for the second season of basketball themed anime "Kuroko's Basketball" where Kishow gives voice to...

GRANRODEO「変幻自在のマジカルスター」- PV preview available

As reported later last year, the hardrock giants GRANRODEO fronted by seiyuu Kishow Taniyama are back with a new single. This time we have 「変幻自在のマジカルスター」or simply put "Phantasmagoric Magical Star". This single is featured as the second opening theme for the second season of basketball themed anime "Kuroko's Basketball" where Kishow gives voice to Himuro Tatsuya. The single is available in...

Kensho Ono to release “Fantastic Tune” in 2014

Kensho Ono has announced that he'll be the one singing Kuroko's Basketball ending theme on the second part of this anime season. Kensho Ono, 24, is a young talented voice and stage actor born in Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan and is starting to shine in the seiyuu industry. With roles ranging from Kuroko Tetsuya from Kuroko's Basketball, Ren Hakuryuu...

GRANRODEO to release new single in 2014

Japanese hardrock giants GRANRODEO are back in 2014 with a new single. The band fronted by seiyuu Kishow Taniyama and built around the multitalented guitarist e-Zuka bring us in February their yet untitled single. The single is scheduled to be released on 12/02/14 and will be available in three editions: regular, deluxe with DVD and anime version. This new release...

OLDCODEX to release “Contrast Silver” Tour Final Live DVD in December

Japanese punk-rock band OLDCODEX, fronted by seiyuu Tatsuhisa Suzuki is going to release a new live DVD. The live DVD will feature the band's show held at Zepp Tokyo this past tour. It's scheduled to be released on 25/12/2013 and so far there are no information regarding either the tracklist, covers and the DVD title is still subject to change...

OLDCODEX – “Walk” (review)

OLDCODEX are back with another electric single. "Walk", scheduled to hit the stores on 13/11/2013 is featured as the ending theme for basketball-themed anime “Kuroko no basuke”. We got hand on an early copy of the single and we can say that this a pretty high voltage single with all things a good punk-rock fan loves. Info regarding the single: Single: "WALK" Label: Lantis Genre: J-rock/ Punk-rock Release...

OLDCODEX new single「WALK」PV preview

OLDCODEX, Japanese punk-rock band fronted by seiyuu Tatsuhisa Suzuki will release in November their 8th single.「WALK」 is scheduled to hit the stores on 13/11/2013 and is featured as the ending theme for basketball-themed anime “Kuroko no basuke” where Tatsuhisa Suzuki gives voice to one of the characters. The PV preview is now available on youtube on Lantis youtube channel. The single is available for preorder...





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