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Seiyuu Grandprix NEXT Boys unveil another cover featuring Taku Yashiro + new sneak peeks

Seiyuu Grandprix NEXT Boys unveiled today their "another cover" featuring Taku Yashiro, at the same time, readers got their first sneak peeks into Makoto Furukawa, Tomohito Takatsuka and Star Revo's photoshoots. The "another cover" is the following: The new sneak peeks are the following: 【特典公開⑥】『声優グランプリNEXT Boys』は2月14日(水)発売! メロンブックス特典生写真は古川慎さん! #声優グランプリNEXT pic.twitter.com/yklydoti2s — 声優グランプリ@23周年 (@seigura) 6 de fevereiro de 2018 【特典公開④】『声優グランプリNEXT Boys』は2月14日(水)発売! とらのあな特典は高塚智人さん! #声優グランプリNEXT pic.twitter.com/IrvXFu6O5t — 声優グランプリ@23周年 (@seigura) 6 de fevereiro de 2018 【特典公開⑤】『声優グランプリNEXT...

Seiyuu Grandprix NEXT Boys unveil photos of Taku Yashiro, Chiharu Sawashiro and Yuma Uchida

Seiyuu Grandprix unveiled some exclusive bonuses included with the upcoming "NEXT Boys" issue featuring cover boy Yuma Uchida. This is a first look into Chiharu Sawashiro, Taku Yashiro and Yuma Uchida's photoshoots. The three snippets given are the following: 【特典公開③】『声優グランプリNEXT Boysは2月14日(水)発売! アニメイト特典生写真は沢城千春さん! 2月18日(日)開催の沢城千春さん特典お渡し会は、全国のアニメイトでご予約いただいた方に参加応募券を配布中。参加応募は2月4日(日)締め切りです! #声優グランプリNEXT pic.twitter.com/xd6Dct8GjK — 声優グランプリ@23周年 (@seigura) 3 de fevereiro de 2018   【特典公開①】『声優グランプリNEXT Boys』は2月14日(水)発売! 各店舗の特典生写真の絵柄を公開していきます! 主婦の友インフォスオンラインショップの特典生写真は八代拓さん! https://t.co/IZnYYTiM5U #声優グランプリNEXT pic.twitter.com/GpfkRgZyCe — 声優グランプリ@23周年 (@seigura) 3 de fevereiro de 2018   【特典公開②】『声優グランプリNEXT Boys』は2月14日(水)発売! ゲーマーズ特典生写真は内田雄馬さん!...

Seiyuu Grandprix unveils cover of “NEXT Boys” featuring Yuma Uchida

Seiyuu Grandprix unveiled today the cover of the upcoming special "NEXT Boys" issue featuring Yuma Uchida. The cover is the following: Seiyuu Grandprix NEXT Boys is a special issue that brings to fans a special gravure and extended interview with specific young male seiyuu about their childhood stories, personal details, dreams and favorite seiyuu. The main subject of this special issue is none other than...

[Star Revo] Glorious tease debut song with special short video

Glorious, band consisting of Tsubasa Sasa, Genki Okawa and Kenta Zaima, part of "Star Revo" (Star Revolution) Rejet's first handheld game, released today the first snippet to their debut song. 俺色の星空(スカイ)   is already available as a snippet on Rejet's official youtube channel. At the moment it seems like Rejet doesn't intend to release music from the series, instead release short snippets...

Star Revo still shrouded in mystery as pre-registry for the game opens + new unit announced

Today on "Rejet2017 ENDLESS SUMMER", event broadcasted on Nico Nico Douga, fans got some concrete details about "Star Revo" (Star Revolution) but it still seems that a lot is still shrouded in mystery. This is our report on today's findings! "Star Revo" (Star Revolution) is the codename for their first handheld game (available for iOS and android). The game will...

Rejet to shed some light over “Star Revo” on “Rejet2017 ENDLESS SUMMER” event

Since August 2016 Rejet has been hinting at the release of "Star Revo" (Star Revolution) and debut of its units. For one year, fans only got a glimpse of the units and some vague description about the game. It seems that the time has come for Rejet to unveil more details about this project including the long anticipated unit...

Rejet announces major seiyuu unit lineup for “Star Revo” handheld game

As part of Rejet Fes. announcements was the debut of seven, you read it well, seven new units. "Star Revo" (Star Revolution) is the codename for their first handheld game (available for iOS and android). The game will feature a new bundle of seiyuu units among Rejet's already extensive roster. Rejet will first release the game and on a later date...





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