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[Ensemble Stars!] UNDEAD unveil details on first album release

UNDEAD unveiled the first details on the upcoming first album release. The unit consists of  Toshiki Masuda, Yuki Ono, Wataru Hatano and Kei Hosogai. "Ensemble Stars! Album Series UNDEAD" is scheduled to be released on 29/08/18. The album is going to be available in regular and limited editions. The tracklist will include a total of 11 songs. 6 of them are from the...

Ensemble Stars! franchise to hold fan meeting to celebrate 3rd Anniversary

The Ensemble Stars! franchise is going to celebrate their 3rd anniversary since the game's launch with a special event this May. Ensemble Stars! 3rd Anniversary Fan Thanksgiving is going to be held at Makuhari Messe on 05/05/2018. The event is going to have noon and evening sessions. Confirmed to attend this event are Shintaro Asanuma, Masami Ito, Jun Osuka, Yuki Ono, Shinnichiro Kamio, Kousaka Tomoya,...

UNDEAD “Ensemble Stars! Unit Song CD 3rd Series vol.6 UNDEAD” (Review)

UNDEAD bring to the table a sound that completely unique among Ensemble Stars' units. This volume lacked excitement or anything engaging for the most part, however there are some bright points on it, some even astounding that are well worth your time. A brief intro: UNDEAD consist of Toshiki Masuda, Yuki Ono, Wataru Hatano and Kei Hosogai. Title: Ensemble Stars! Unit Song CD 3rd Series vol.6...

Trickstar, Knights and UNDEAD to kick off 1st live tour this month

Ensemble Stars kicks of the first ever tour this month. Trickstar, Knights and UNDEAD will perform live throughout Japan, wrapping up the tour on New Year's Eve. Participating on this tour are Trickstar, unit consisting of Tomoaki Maeno (replaced Yoshimasa Hosoya), Tetsuya Kakihara, Showtaro Morikubo and Yuki Kaji. A reminder that due to Yoshimasa Hosoya's hiatus to treat his throat, he was replaced...

UNDEAD unveil tracklist, cover art and digest video for new single

UNDEAD, unit consisting of Toshiki Masuda, Yuki Ono, Wataru Hatano and Kei Hosogai return next month with a new single, part of Ensemble Stars' new unit CD series. "Ensemble Stars! Unit Song CD 3rd Series vol.6 UNDEAD" is scheduled to be released on 04/10/17. The cover art is the following: The tracklist is the following: 1.Gate of the Abyss 2.Break the Prison 3.Death Game Holic A...

Ensemble Stars’ units have a packed schedule for the second half of 2017

The idol/rhythm game Ensemble Stars is full of plans for the rest of 2017. The units under the franchise (Trickstar, fine, UNDEAD, Knights, Ryuseitai, Ra*bits, 2Wink, AKATSUKI, Valkyrie, Switch and MaM) will return with a third song CD series starting this August. For those unfamiliar with the game and its units we'll break down the upcoming releases as well as each group's...





Paradox Live Stage Battle FAMILY

Review | cozmez & Akkan Yatsura “FAMILY”

Paradox Live's fans and hip-hop win in cozmez and Akkan Yatsura's battle for FAMILY.
Paradox Live PRIDE

Review | BAE & The Cat’s Whiskers “PRIDE”

BAE and The Cat's Whiskers proved their worth with intense, stylish and aesthetically pleasing songs in a battle for PRIDE.
Paradox Live Stage Battle JUSTICE

Review | The Cat’s Whiskers & Akkan Yatsura “JUSTICE”

PARADOX LIVE STAGE BATTLE "JUSTICE" counts with polarizing approaches and making different interpretations of the concept of "JUSTICE".

Review | KiLLER KiNG “Good Liar”

KiLLER KiNG go for quite the loungy, groovy sound with their new single, "Good Liar". This mature take on their sound made them shine.


VAZZY bring tropical pop alongside acoustic rock to the table for "YELLOW". Although not flawless, this is quite the entertaining single with its fair share of sweet moments.