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Jin Ogasawara to release 1st album + announces solo artist career hiatus

Jin Ogasawara will release his 1st album "Sokai Gyouretsusha" in December, followed by a temporary hiatus from his solo artist activities.

Review | Executioner “MEIZU”

Executioner's "MEIZU" introduces a dark and intense atmosphere but slightly misses the mark with an overcrowded composition.

“OREPARA 2022 This 15 It” to be released on Blu-ray in September

OREPARA's 15th anniversary live show "OREPARA 2022 This 15 It" gets a jam-packed release on Blu-ray this September.

Monthly Review: Makoto Furukawa’s “Place your bets”, XlamV’s “Climb and more

Makoto Furukawa arrived to steal the show and impress us all, XlamV confirmed they are THE 2D group to watch in 2023 after releasing "Climb".

Review | Jin Ogasawara “TOKYO HOLLYWOOD”

"TOKYO HOLLYWOOD" is another experimental chapter bringing a rough and intense brand of rock and hip-hop to Ogasawara's solo artist career.

Review | Jin Ogasawara “Slime”

"Slime" shows Jin Ogasawara experimenting and testing his limits as a singer while creating songs with some of the craziest transitions ever.

Executioner franchise to release 2nd digital single “MEIZU”

Visual-kei rock project Executioner powers through the summer with a new digital single. "MEIZU" will be released this month.

Review | Executioner “V-kei Sentai Executioner”

Visual-kei rock project Executioner kicks the doors open in the 2D music panorama with the heavy rock tune "V-kei Sentai Executioner".
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