JAZZ-ON! franchise goes on temporary hiatus

JAZZ-ON!, the only 2D music project that put the spotlight completely on the beauty and fun of jazz music, is going on a temporary hiatus.

Review | JAZZ-ON! “Tone of Stars Beta”

JAZZ-ON!’s “Tone of Stars Beta” doesn’t surpass the quality of previous entries yet it is still packed with interesting bits.

JAZZ-ON! to hold “My JAZZ-ON! Your JAZZ” event in 2022

The Jazz-On! franchise celebrates the recent wrap up of its 2nd season of CDs with a special live event taking place in 2022.

Review | JAZZ-ON! “Invisible Chord 2nd”

In “Invisible Chord 2nd”, fans can expect coming across Latin Jazz, jazz-rock and a quieter, more introspective brand of jazz.

Review | JAZZ-ON! “Tone of Stars Alpha”

JAZZ-ON!’s “Tone of Stars Alpha” has an ambitious set of songs, a couple of good vocal performances, and a whole lot of jazz to enjoy.

Review | JAZZ-ON! “Invisible Chord 1st”

JAZZ-ON!’s shuffle CD series kicks off in style with “Invisible Chord 1st”, album counting with elegant performances and classy instrumentals.

Review | JAZZ-ON! “Kaibyaku≠Beginning”

Members of Swing Cats and Hoshikuzu Ryodan raise the bar with outstanding performances in "Kaibyaku≠Beginning".

Review | Swing Cats “Raining Cats”

Swing Cats' "Raining Cats" is an elegant release with melodies that seep into your brain + performances that will have you begging for more.
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