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Seiyuu Grandprix unveils first Idolmaster SideM photos for November’s issue

Idolmaster SideM are going tograce the cover of November's issue of Seiyuu Grandprix. Today, the magazine released the first photos of the cast, photos that will be exclusive store bonuses. The photos unveiled today include: DRAMATIC STARS, Beit, S.E.M, High×Joker and W. These post cards can be found at Animate, HMV, Gamers, Tower Records and Animega. 【特典公開①】アニメイト限定特典は、DRAMATIC STARSのポストカード! 仲村宗悟さん、内田雄馬さん、八代拓さん! #SideM 【声優グランプリ11月号は10月10日発売】 pic.twitter.com/q9YastXj0u — 声優グランプリ@もうすぐ23周年 (@seigura) 2 de...

Idolmaster SideM snatch #1 on Oricon daily with new live Blu-ray

Today is a great day for seiyuu and rhythm game fans, after TRIGGER's fantastic run for #1 daily (album category), it's time for Idolmaster SideM's new live DVD to snatch both a #1 and #8 for themselves (music DVD category). Although the number of copies sold is withheld, the fact that Idolmaster SideM managed to snatch two top 10's on...

Voice Newtype unveils cover for this month’s issue with Jupiter

Jupiter, unit consisting of Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Takuma Terashima and Daichi Kanbara is on the cover of this month's Voice Newtype issue. The cover is finally here, a couple of days before the magazine's release. 9/25発売✨ボイスニュータイプ65:Jupiter 寺島拓篤×松岡禎丞×神原大地/濱野大輝×渡辺紘×熊谷健太郎/岡本信彦/花江夏樹/立花慎之介/古川慎/下野紘/斉藤壮馬/皆川純子/三瓶由布子/千葉翔也/富田健太郎/舞台キンプリほかhttps://t.co/UDMpy1k1nT pic.twitter.com/6eyxvMz8N6 — ボイスニュータイプ編集部 (@voice_newtype) 19 de setembro de 2017 The magazine unveiled the seiyuu lineup for this month's interviews and special features. Shinnosuke Tachibana, Makoto Furukawa, Soma Saito, Natsuki...

Idolmaster SideM cast to grace the cover of November’s Seiyuu Grandprix

It's official! Idolmaster SideM cast will grace the cover of November's issue of Seiyuu Grandprix. At the moment it's not certain who - from the extensive cast - will feature on its cover but we can already count with Kento Ito (S.E.M) that, a couple of days ago, teased everyone mentioning that he was going to appear on the cover of...

Seiyuu Grandprix unveils Soma Saito’s special interview cover for this month’s issue

Soma Saito Yoake wa mada / Hikari Tatsu Ame era
Seiyuu Grandprix's October issue has been the talk in town. Whether it's about Tomoaki Maeno's dashing looks on the cover and special feature or, with the now unveiled Soma Saito feature cover. Today Seiyuu Grandprix unveiled several snippets to some of the articles/interviews featured on October's issue. First one up is Soma Saito's special feature. This feature is focused on Saito's recent single release,...

Idolmaster SideM units to perform opening theme for the anime series

Idolmaster SideM's anime premiere is just right around the corner. The smartphone game inspired anime is set to premiere on October 7th and, besides the news regarding Jupiter's prologue chapter that will be released a week prior to the series' premiere, there's more news that will be of interest to their fans. As we've mentioned above the anime series will...

Idolmaster SideM anime to premiere in October + big plans for Jupiter

Great news for Idolmaster SideM's fans. The official premiere date is out as well as exciting plans for Jupiter, unit consisting of Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Takuma Terashima and Daichi Kanbara. The anime series will premiere on October 7th and will go head-to-head with the strong competition from TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION and Dynamic Chord - the other two popular music/idol/band centric anime that...





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