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Readyyy! 2nd anniversary LIVE THE NEW MOMENT: promotional video released

Readyyy! 2nd anniversary LIVE THE NEW MOMENT
The promotional video for Readyyy! 2nd anniversary LIVE THE NEW MOMENT Blu-ray is out.

Readyyy! 2nd anniversary LIVE THE NEW MOMENT to be released on Blu-ray

Readyyy! 2nd anniversary LIVE THE NEW MOMENT
For those that missed the event and or those that went to and want to revisit it, Readyyy! 2nd anniversary LIVE THE NEW MOMENT is going to be released on Blu-ray!

SP!CA, Maten Rocket, Just 4 U, RayGlanZ and La-Veritta “Readyyy! Project 4th” (Review)

Readyyy! Project's continue to grow before our eyes and ears. The franchise's 4th CD puts every unit on equal footing setting an exciting stage for upcoming releases.

Readyyy! Project to hold new live in July

Readyyy! Project
Readyyy! Project's units are back on stage this summer.  Readyyy! Project's announced a new live event is going to take place this summer. Dear Project Super LIVE is set to be held at Toyosu PIT in Tokyo on 04/07/2020. 📢速報📢 【ライブイベント@豊洲PIT 開催決定フコ!】 本日の2周年イベントに続いて、この夏、ライブイベントの開催が決定致しましたフコ! Readyyy!として過去最大の規模感で、18人のアイドルがお届けするLIVEイベント🎤 成長を続ける彼らのステージに、ご期待くださいフコ!#レディ #Readyyy pic.twitter.com/jqzM75eZ2p — フコイたん【Readyyy!公式フコ】 (@fucoyyy) February 8, 2020 According to the announcement, all members of SP!CA , Maten Rocket, Just 4U, RayGlanZ and La-Veritta are going to...

B-PROJECT: Kaikan Everyday to end distribution in April

Sad news for B-PROJECT's fans as it is announced the end of distribution of B-PROJECT: Kaikan Everyday. B-PROJECT: Kaikan Everyday will end distribution on 30/04/2020. No reason for the end of distribution was given through the official announcement made on B-PROJECT: Kaikan Everyday's official website (link below). Initially released as B-PROJECT Muteki * Dangerous, the smartphone game had a troubled support....

TsukiPara to end distribution in 2020

Sad news for Tsukiuta and TSUKIPRO's fans. Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that Tsukino Paradise (best known as TsukiPara) is going to stop distribution on 05/02/2020. The announcement was made through the game's official twitter account with no explanation behind the end of distribution, only a thank you to all the fans that have been supporting the game throughout all these years. 「ツキノパラダイス。」をご利用いただきまして、ありがとうございます。 誠に残念ながら2020年2月5日をもちまして、サービスを終了させていただくこととなりました。本ゲームをご愛顧いただいた皆様には、厚く御礼申し上げます。#ツキパラ — アプリ「ツキパラ。」公式ツイッター...

Readyyy! Project release all CDs on streaming platforms

All 4 Readyyy! Project CDs are now available on streaming platforms. The franchise's 4 CDs - Readyyy! Project 1st, Readyyy! Project 2nd, Readyyy! Project 3rd and Readyyy! Project 4th -  are now available for free on streaming platforms. The CDs can be found on Spotify, Youtube music (available worldwide), Apple Music, between many other streaming platforms. Follow the links below to access each...

Readyyy! Project to hold 2nd anniversary live

Readyyy! Project celebrates its 2nd anniversary in 2020. Readyyy! Project's units are back on stage to celebrate the franchise's 2nd anniversary. Readyyy! 2nd anniversary LIVE "THE NEW MOMENT" is going to be held at EBISU The Garden Hall in Tokyo on 08/02/2020. All members of SP!CA , Maten Rocket, Just 4U, RayGlanZ and La-Veritta are confirmed to attend this special live. The event is scheduled for 2...

Readyyy! Project unveil details on 4th CD

Readyyy! Project unveiled details on the upcoming album release. Readyyy! Project 4th is scheduled to be released on 17/08/2019. The cover art is the following: The tracklist is the following: 01.Running to the top (SP!CA) 02.Special Days (Maten Rocket) 03.特別すぎる関係 (Just 4U) 04.Bring it on (RayGlanZ) 05.華の在り処 (La-Veritta) 06.nineteen! feat.SP!CA -short ver- 07.nineteen! feat.摩天ロケット -short ver- 08.nineteen! feat.Just 4U -short ver- 09.nineteen! feat.RayGlanZ -short ver- 10.nineteen! feat.La-Veritta -short ver- 11.Running to the top(Instrumental) 12.Special Days(Instrumental) 13.特別すぎる関係(Instrumental) 14.Bring it...

SP!CA release short lyric video for “Running to the top”

Readyyy! Project released a short lyric video for SP!CA's new song. SP!CA's Running to the top was premiered at SHOWROOM in April. Readyyy! Project released today its short lyric video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8FUL85IarE&feature=youtu.be This song is going to be included on Readyyy! Project's upcoming mini-album. SP!CA are comprised of Tetsuei Sumiya (Mitsuki Kuze), Norihito Hase (Samon Nishikido), Hayato Komiya (Hiro Igarashi), Atsushi Endo (Azusa Konno) and Noriaki Kanze...





UMake Darling! regular

Review | UMake “Darling!”

UMake continue to spread their gentle and easy-listening music with the sweet single "Darling!".
Showtaro Morikubo LIGHT of JUSTICE

Review | Showtaro Morikubo “LIGHT of JUSTICE”

Showtaro Morikubo’s “LIGHT of JUSTICE” is another good entry in his repertoire packing quite the punch with his trademark hardrock.

Review | Dotsuitare Hompo vs Buster Bros!!!

Dotsuitare Hompo vs Buster Bros!!! brings the bounce of funk and a lot of excitement to the table in what ended up being a battle of equals.

Review | pioniX “Xtory -Ketsu-“

pioniX wrap up their participation in the Neo X Lied series with the outstanding power ballad "Ready to fly".

Review | Rikka and Eichi “Neo X Lied Series vol.3”

Rikka and Eichi color the Neo X Lied series with their unique matchup and ethereal sound in “Iris”.