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Review | Rei and Kuroi “SWAY”

Intense and stylish from start to finish, Rei and Kuroi's "Sway" stands tall as the best song so far in the XX series. 

pionix’s Rei and Kuroi to release “SWAY” in July

pioniX continues its new CD series "XX Series" with an entry by Rei (CV: Hinata Tadokoro) and Kuroi (CV: Tetsuei Sumiya) in "SWAY".

THTFHQ AWARDS 2022: Rising Star of the Year

Surprising performances, continuous improvements as singers, and a whole lot of talent to spare. These are the top Rising Stars in 2022.

pioniX LIVE 2022「NIXLIVE」 to be released on Blu-ray

TSUKIPRO and Sunpro's supergroup pioniX releases its first live show Blu-ray "pioniX LIVE 2022「NIXLIVE」" in 2023.

pioniX LIVE 2022「NIXLIVE」 to be held in October

TSUKIPRO and Sunpro's supergroup pioniX takes the stage for the very first time this October for a special live show.

Review | infinit0 “innovation”

Infinit0 embrace EDM music for Infini-Tribe, song that has the making of a summer anthem in itself.

infinit0 unveil details on “innovation”

infinit0 are back with new music and a drama CD this summer. Get to know the details on innovation.

Seiyuu Grandprix give sneak peek on July 2020 issue’s features

Seiyuu Grandprix gave a sneak peek on the features in the July 2020 issue. Seiyuu Grandprix July 2020...
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