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Daiki Yamashita To Release New Digital Single “Sequel”

Big news for Daiki Yamashita's fans. The popular seiyuu and solo artist is going to release a new digital single titled "Sequel".

Soma Saito featured on Weekly TV Guide October 13, 2023 issue

The latest issue of Weekly TV Guide features an interview with the popular seiyuu and singer-songwriter, Soma Saito.

Anthos* To Release New CD “THINK OF ME: OTHER” in October

Anthos* will release "THINK OF ME: OTHER" in October. This is the 3rd installment of their exciting "THINK OF ME" CD series.

Live Report | Hana Doll* -Behind The Frame- Anthos* Stage Event 2023

Anthos* dazzled in Hana Doll* -Behind The Frame- Anthos* Stage Event 2023, live + variety event held in June.

Review | Anthos* “FAKE”

Embracing a dreamy and atmospheric sound while adding a mature layer of grooviness, Anthos* is truly at the top of their game with "FAKE".

Anthos* announces 2nd solo CD series “Air Quotes”

Anthos*'s is back for its 2nd solo CD series, "Air Quotes". All CDs will be available exclusively on streaming platforms.

Hana Doll* -Behind The Frame- to be released on Blu-ray

Anthos*'s 4th live event "Hana Doll* -Behind The Frame- Anthos* Stage Event 2023" gets a release on Blu-ray in February 2024.

Hana-Doll* -Reinterpretation of Flowering- Anime Announced

Hana-Doll* -Reinterpretation of Flowering-, anime based on Hana-Doll*'s "Flowering" drama CD series, is greenlit!

Loulou*di to Release New CD “THINK OF ME: NOTHING”

After the release of "THINK OF ME: ARK", Loulou*di is back with new music. This summer the trio releases "THINK OF ME: NOTHING".

Review | Loulou*di “ARK”

Loulou*di's "ARK" is an unusual entry focused on destruction and desolation with surprising compositions and impressive performances.

Anthos* To Release New CD “THINK OF ME: FAKE” in May

Anthos* is ready to bring us new music, announcing the 2nd entry in the THINK OF ME CD series, "THINK OF ME: FAKE".

Loulou*di to release new CD “THINK OF ME: ARK”

Loulou*di kicks 2023 off with the release of its 4th CD. "THINK OF ME: ARK" is set for a release in March.

Hana Doll* -Behind The Frame- Anthos* Stage Event 2023 to be held in June

Anthos* is back on stage in 2023 for a complete event including reading, talk and live performances featuring all members.

Review | Anthos* “TELL”

Anthos* revisits its original ethereal sound, gives it a mature twist and raises the bar insanely high with "THINK OF ME: TELL".