from ARGONAVIS Franchise to release new CD “Kimi ga Mita Stage e”

The from ARGONAVIS franchise is set to release "Kimi ga Mita Stage e", CD including the theme song for the game of the same name.

2023 in Review: Best Songs Released by Male Seiyuu Artists and 2D groups

Exciting, heartwrenching, alluring or solemn. Songs that connected with listeners right from the start. These are the best songs from 2023.

GYROAXIA’s “Fighting Spirit” to be featured in WRESTLE KINGDOM 18

GYROAXIA is going to premiere the new song "Fighting Spirit" at the wrestling event "WRESTLE KINGDOM 18 in TOKYO DOME".

GYROAXIA, Fantôme Iris & OSIRIS team up for live show in 2024

GYROAXIA and Fantôme Iris team up with Band Yarouze's visual-kei rock band OSIRIS for a special live show in 2024.


Emotionally raw and aggressive, GYROAXIA's first original English song "ALL MY PARTS" is 2023's rock anthem.

Monthly Review: SparQlew “we will…”, Loulou*di “NOTHING”, GYROAXIA “ALL MY PARTS” and more

The summer of 2023 comes to an end with a fantastic set of releases by SparQlew, Loulou*di, GYROAXIA, Kent Ito, GRANRODEO and more.

Review | GYROAXIA “Milestone”

GYROAXIA's "MILESTONE" arrives with an intense, groovy rock sound that puts a spotlight on the band's ongoing musical growth.

Review | GYROAXIA “The Last Resort”

GYROAXIA's "The last resort" is a high-throttle rock tune that fully deserves your attention, especially if you enjoy good rock music.
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