GOALOUS5 to release new single “GO5 NEXT” in January

The hero-themed seiyuu unit GOALOUS5 is going to release a new single. "GO5 NEXT" arrives in January 2024.

GOALOUS5 to release best of album “GOALOUS BEST” in July

The hero-themed seiyuu unit GOALOUS5 is set to release its 1st best off album "GOALOUS BEST" in July.

GOALOUS5 to release new mini-album “Get set, 5!” in 2023

GOALOUS5 is back in 2023 with a new mini-album. Know more about "Get set, 5!", CD set to be released in January 2023.

GOALOUS5 to release “Koe Fuku Daisakusen 〜 2019&2020 〜” on BD/DVD

GOALOUS5's "Koe Fuku Daisakusen 〜 2019&2020 〜" gets a release on Blu-ray and DVD in 2022. A promotional video is out.

GOALOUS5 to release “MIRAGE SHOW” in 2022

GOALOUS5 returns in 2022 with a new single. The first details on "MIRAGE SHOW" are out.

GOALOUS5 to release “Yoru no Machi o Koe Fukuseyo!”

GOALOUS5 announced the release of a new drama + music CD. Get to know the details on "Yoru no Machi o Koe Fukuseyo!".

GOALOUS5 unveil details on “5 AHEAD!”

GOALOUS5 unveiled the tracklist, cover art and released a short version of 5 AHEAD!'s music video.

TV Guide VOICE STARS unveil covers featuring Sir Vanity

TV Guide VOICE STARS unveiled the covers for their newest issue featuring Sir Vanity's Yuichiro Umehara and Yoshiki Nakajima.
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