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Kenjiro Tsuda featured on Weekly TV Guide March 15, 2024 issue

The latest issue of Weekly TV Guide features an interview with the popular seiyuu and actor, Kenjiro Tsuda.

Gray Sheep to release 2nd single “Gray Sheep EP02” in May

Gray Sheep's GOAT and BAD SKUNK are set to participate in the 2nd franchise CD. "Gray Sheep EP02" hits stores in May.

[Oricon Weekly] IDOLiSH7, Ensemble Stars and more featured on this week’s charts

We're back with a new Oricon Weekly roundup. This article covers the 2nd week of August - which includes singles and albums released between 12/08/2019...

Lantis unveil details on Gaku Yaotome’s 12HITS! entry

Lantis unveiled details on Gaku Yaotome's 12HITS! entry. The 9th entry in the RADIO STATION "Twelve Hits!" series is helmed by Gaku Yaotome (Wataru Hatano). Wonderful Octave...

Gaku Yaotome “Associate” (Review)

Through the sweet and playful melodies of jazz music, TRIGGER‘s Gaku Yaotome delivers one of the most refined performances in the 12 SONGS GIFT series. For...

Lantis unveil details on Gaku Yaotome’s “Associate”

Lantis unveiled details on the new “12 Songs Gift” release featuring TRIGGER‘s Gaku Yaotome (Wataru Hatano). For those that have been out of the loop: “12 Songs...