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Kenjiro Tsuda featured on Weekly TV Guide March 15, 2024 issue

The latest issue of Weekly TV Guide features an interview with the popular seiyuu and actor, Kenjiro Tsuda.

Gray Sheep to release 2nd single “Gray Sheep EP02” in May

Gray Sheep's GOAT and BAD SKUNK are set to participate in the 2nd franchise CD. "Gray Sheep EP02" hits stores in May.

Review | Lil Happy & FYA’M’ “aoppella!? 4”

“aoppella!? 4” shows Lil Happy & FYA'M' improving and exploring new things while delivering top-quality performances one after the other.

aoppella!? announces new group: VadLip

The acappella franchise aoppella!? has a new group joining Lil Happy and FYA’M’. Give a warm welcome to the star-studded group, VadLip!

Review | aoppella!? “A”

aoppella!?’s “A” showcases all the trumps that the franchise has at its disposal while flaunting the technicality of Lil Happy and FYA’M’.

Review | Lil Happy and FYA’M’ “aoppella 3”

Lil Happy and FYA’M’ go through a change in style and performances to suit the Winter Holiday-themed songs in "aoppella!?".

aoppella!? celebrates 1st anniversary with cast event in 2022

Members of FYA’M’ and Lil Happy will meet on stage to celebrate aoppella!?'s 1st anniversary.

Review | Lil Happy and FYA’M’ “aoppella 2”

Lil Happy and FYA’M’ crank up the bass parts in their groups to deliver two outstanding - and insanely groovy - tunes.

Review | Lil Happy and FYA’M’ “aoppella!?”

Lil Happy and FYA’M open the doors for acappella music in the 2D music industry with an impressive 1st CD.