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Review | Rei and Kuroi “SWAY”

Intense and stylish from start to finish, Rei and Kuroi's "Sway" stands tall as the best song so far in the XX series. 

2023 in Review: Big Solo Artist and 2D Group Debuts

After years of music goodness for fans of male seiyuu artists and 2D groups, 2023 arrived and was... a year to forget. As the year comes to a close, it's time to revisit the solo, seiyuu unit, and 2D group debuts.

FAM to release new single “The City Lights”

This November, ENLIGHTRIBE's pop-punk rock band FAM releases its 3rd CD titled "The City Lights".

Review | Shishio Kuji “Ore no michi”

Skater-punk leads the way for the technical, drums-driven tune "Ore no Michi" by Shishio Kuji (CV: Toshinari Fukamachi).

Review | Tetsuha Inashiro “Kageboshi”

Tetsuha Inashiro (CV: Tetsuei Sumiya) delivers an awesome performance in one of the grooviest songs in the ENLIGHTRIBE solo song series.

Review | Kyo Shikabami “Change the World”

A classic, hyped-up hard rock sound takes over in Kyo Shikabami's (CV: Fumiyoshi Shioya) "Change the World".

Review | Toetoe Inumaki “Dear My FAMily”

Sit back and relax with a cozy and melodic indie-rock tune in Toetoe Inumaki's "Dear My FAMily".

ENLIGHTRIBE LIVE&TALK side.FAM to be held in September

ENLIGHTRIBE's pop-punk band FAM is the next band up, ready to hold its first solo live + talk event in September.

ENLIGHTRIBE 1st Anniversary Live to be released on Blu-ray

Fans of the gritty 2D rock music franchise ENLIGHTRIBE, will get to watch the 1st anniversary live show on Blu-ray this May.

Review | FAM “Reach for the Top”

FAM brings back a fast-paced rock sound however a couple of changes to their dynamic drag it back quality-wise.

FAM to release new single “Reach for the Top”

ENLIGHTRIBE's pop-punk rock band FAM is back with a new single hitting stores this month.

ENLIGHTRIBE to hold live show this Winter to celebrate 1st anniversary

The gritty 2D rock franchise ENLIGHTRIBE celebrates its 1st anniversary later this year. A special live show was announced.

Review | FAM “ENLIGHTRIBE side.FAM -The first step-“

FAM kick off the ENLIGHTRIBE with an infectious punk-rock sound and powerful vocals by Tomohiro Yamaguchi on top.

ENLIGHTRIBE release music video for FAM’s “Never Loser”

FAM, band part of the new music + drama CD project ENLIGHTRIBE, released the music video for "Never Loser". The song is included in their debut CD hitting stores this month.