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KINDAN SIRI PARTY 4U: new promotional video released

A new promotional video for KINDAN SIRI PARTY 4U is out. The DVD hits stores this week.

Takeru Kikuchi joins Twitter

The talented seiyuu has joined twitter!

KINDAN SIRI PARTY 4U to be released on DVD

The daring and funny event, KINDAN SIRI PARTY 4U, is going to be released on DVD this summer.

Mamoru Miyano kicks off YouTube show, Road to LIVING

Mamoru Miyano is taking over his official artist YouTube channel to create his own series of videos. Road to LIVING kicked off this week. 

TV Guide Person announce lineup for vol.95

Shinichiro Kamio, Haruki Ishiya and Showtaro Morikubo are going to be featured on TV Guide Person vol.95, issue set to hit stores on 09/07/2020.

Hypnosis Mic to be featured on CUT magazine

CUT magazine unveiled the cover of its newest issue featuring the Hypnosis Mic franchise. Hypnosis Mic's leaders grace...

Hypnosis Mic franchise featured on the cover of NYLON guys

NYLON guys announced the lineup for its upcoming issue. Hypnosis Mic graces the cover. Hypnosis Mic grace the...

Yuki Kaji to hold live stream today

Yuki Kaji is going to hold another live stream. Today's guest is Takuma Terashima. After last week's successful...
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