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Review | Rei and Kuroi “SWAY”

Intense and stylish from start to finish, Rei and Kuroi's "Sway" stands tall as the best song so far in the XX series. 

2023 in Review: Big Solo Artist and 2D Group Debuts

After years of music goodness for fans of male seiyuu artists and 2D groups, 2023 arrived and was... a year to forget. As the year comes to a close, it's time to revisit the solo, seiyuu unit, and 2D group debuts.

Multiple seiyuu events cancelled due to Coronavirus concerns

Japan’s seiyuu and anime scene is going dark in the upcoming weeks.

Decade in Review | Best Ballads of the decade

There are times that a bubbly pop song or a headbanging rock tune just don't cut it. You are tired or going through a...

Seiyuu Digest #10 – ELEKITER ROUND 0

This is the first out of three Seiyuu Digests focused on ELEKITER ROUND 0, seiyuu unit comprised of Satoshi Hino and Shinnosuke Tachibana.

Monthly Whisper #4 – Funky Summer Jams (Part 2)

Continuing with Funky Summer Jams we have yet another 5 tracks, that are as good as the last edition's. This time we have different artists...

Black Velvet to release new maxi-single “ERA”

Black Velvet, hardrock band fronted by seiyuu royalty Toshiyuki Morikawa is back with new music after a three year stop since "true", the second mini-album...

Top 15 seiyuu with the best singing voice in 2013

We've all heard of actors turned musicians failing due to poor singing, but in Japan it's different. It's time to talk about the Top...