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DYNAMIC CHORD’s bands to release new singles

After 2 years of hiatus, DYNAMIC CHORD's Rêve Parfait, Liar-S, apple-polisher and KYOHSO are back with new music.

Best of 2017: An overview of the best music projects in the past year

We're already in the last days of December. We look back at a year that was filled with a myriad of releases, surprises, debuts, special announcements and exciting music. Seiyuu were more than active in the music business during this past year. Mamoru Miyano started to fully embrace his career as a musician, with fans already noticing him distancing from the...

Gekkan TV Guide releases photos from Nobuhiko Okamoto’s tour report

Gekkan TV Guide new issue is already on sale. Today, the magazine released some photos from their special Nobuhiko Okamoto tour report. The photos are the following: The magazine counts with the following features: Nobunagal (tour report), Nobuhiko Okamoto (tour report), Mamoru Miyano (special 2 page gravure feature), Hiroshi Kamiya (gravure), Daisuke Namikawa (Kiramune event), Takuya Eguchi (interview about Dynamic Chord). A total of 19 seiyuu feature...

Gekkan TV Guide releases behind the scenes photos with Takuya Eguchi

Gekkan TV Guide released today several behind the scenes photos from Takuya Eguchi's photoshoot. January's issue hits the stores on 24/11/2017. The behind the scenes photos are the following: 【月刊TVガイド1月号は11月24日発売】(承前)初登場の江口拓也さんへのインタビューでは主演アニメ「DYNAMIC CORD」の見どころをたっぷりお聞きしたほか、Trignalとしての音楽活動のこと、Kiramuneリーディングライブへの思い、クリスマスの思い出についてもお話いただきました。 pic.twitter.com/j8mwmR1bbH — 月刊TVガイド@表紙はKis-My-Ft2 (@GEKKAN_TVGUIDE) 21 de novembro de 2017   【月刊TVガイド1月号は11月24日発売】承前。本誌初登場の江口拓也さんのグラビアでは、ロケでクールなお写真も撮影しました。素敵な写真を多数掲載いたしましたので、クール&キュートな江口さんのお写真をお楽しみください。サイン入り写真も抽選で3名様にプレゼント。(続く) pic.twitter.com/8aJ8pvLPx4 — 月刊TVガイド@表紙はKis-My-Ft2 (@GEKKAN_TVGUIDE) 21 de novembro de 2017   【月刊TVガイド1月号は11月24日発売】声優グラビアに初登場される江口拓也さんの初メイキング写真を大公開。主演アニメ「DYNAMIC CORD」についてお聞きしました。メンバー同士の友情などもみどころの一つですが、撮影で用意したメンバーは巨大なクマ。クマと戯れる素敵なショット満載です。(続く) pic.twitter.com/pv4r8WA7KF — 月刊TVガイド@表紙はKis-My-Ft2 (@GEKKAN_TVGUIDE) 21 de novembro de 2017 Aside from Takuya Eguchi's special DYNAMIC...

Nobuhiko Okamoto, Hiroshi Kamiya, Mamoru Miyano and more to feature on Gekkan TV Guide

Gekkan TV Guide announced today part of the extensive lineup for their January 2018 issue. A total of 19 seiyuu are featured on this issue. Among the names announced are: Nobunagal (tour report), Nobuhiko Okamoto (tour report), Mamoru Miyano (special 2 page gravure feature), Hiroshi Kamiya (gravure), Daisuke Namikawa (Kiramune event), Takuya Eguchi (interview about Dynamic Chord). A total of 19 seiyuu, most of them to...

apple-polisher “beat goes on/what have you done for…” (Review)

The electronic pop-rockers apple-polisher return with a new single. "beat goes on/what have you done for..." takes an interesting turn with polished vocals and unexpected instrumentals in what is the band's best single to date. Title: beat goes on/what have you done for... Label: Asgard Release date: 26/04/17 Genre: Electronic pop-rock/Dance Tracklist: 1 - beat goes on 2 - what have you done for... 3 - beat goes on (instrumental) 4 - what have...

Sugar Toxic Panic “Lock you up” (Review)

Sugar Toxic Panic sing "Lock you up" for the third shuffle album on DYNAMIC CHORD's 2nd shuffle series. Looking at this lineup - Shouta Aoi (vocals - Apple-Polisher), Nobuhiko Okamoto (guitar - LiarS), Kaito Ishikawa (bass - KYOHSO), Yuya Hirose (drums - rêve parfait) - and having prior knowledge of how everyone sounds usually sound on their respective groups, you'd expect everything to...

Hinoyamatai “ROCK WITH YOU” (Review)

Continuing our review series of DYNAMIC CHORD's 2nd shuffle series we find Hinoyamatai. This shuffle unit includes Takuma Terashima (vocals - Liar-S), Toriumi Kousuke (guitar - rêve parfait), Yuichiro Umehara (bass - Apple-Polisher) and Yashiro Taku (drums - KYOHSO). With pop-punk overflowing on their veins, Hinoyamatai aimed at the bullseye for a perfect song but instead missed the target with this release. Title: ROCK...

Liar-S “ROUND AND ROUND” – Pre-orders open!

Dynamic Chord's pop-rock band Liar-S are set to release their first mini-album. The band fronted by Takuma Terashima returns with what they promise to be an exciting release. ROUND AND ROUND is set to be released on 31/05/2017, only available as a regular edition. The cover art is the following: The mini-album features a total of 10 tracks (including the instrumentals). The complete...

Apple-Polisher set to return with a new single

Dynamic Chord's Apple-Polisher are back with a new single! The electronic rock band fronted by Shouta Aoi marks their comeback with a single in the second quarter of 2017. Titled "beat goes on/what have you done for...", the new single is set to be released on 26/04/2017, available in a single edition. The tracklist is the following: 1 - beat goes on 2 - what have...





Kenichi Suzumura "Rhythm"

Review | Kenichi Suzumura “Rhythm”

Kenichi Suzumura marks his comeback to the music industry - after an almost 2 year hiatus -, to release the uplifting "Rhythm".
EROSION From a Spicy Peak

Review | EROSION “From a Spicy Peak”

EROSION make a bang with their debut single, From a Spicy Peak.
Revale Mirai Notes o Kanadete

Review | Re:vale “Mirai Notes o Kanadete”

Re:vale continue to impress with their growth and newfound approach to their music in "Mirai Notes o Kanadete".

Review | QUELL “HEART”

QUELL continue to explore the limits of their creativity with HEART and what follows is pure quality music.


IDOLiSH7 showcase a matured sound and improved chemistry and vocals in DiSCOVER THE FUTURE.