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Seiyuu Digest #107 – Chiharu Shigematsu

Through ups and downs, Chiharu Shigematsu is making a name for himself as a talented voice actor. Welcome to his Seiyuu Digest feature.

Babylon-Nova Releases New Song “Babylon-Nova Anthem”

The JAMROCK franchise has released a new song, this time around featuring members of the new group, Babylon-Nova.

Seikowa 3rd season to be released on Blu-ray

Rewatch the ghost stories in Seikowa 3 from the comfort of your home with the Blu-ray release hitting stores this March.

JAMROCK franchise to release 4 mini-albums in November

The JAMROCK franchise is ready to spread good vibes in a series of 4 digital albums hitting streaming platforms in November.

Seikowa 3rd act to premiere in November

It is the season! Seikowa is back with more scary stories told by male seiyuu. The 3rd act kicks off in November 2022.

JAMROCK: Brings The Good Vibes of Reggae Music to 2D Projects

Be prepared for good vibes and a star-studded cast with the first-ever 2D Reggae music project, JAMROCK.

Happy Elements unveil details on ALKALOID’s unit CD

The tracklist and highlight medley for ALKALOID's debut release are out. ALKALOID consist on Gakuto Kajiwara, Kouhei Amasaki,...

Happy Elements unveil cover art for ALKALOID’s unit CD

The cover art for ALKALOID's debut release is out. ALKALOID consist on Gakuto Kajiwara, Kouhei Amasaki, Chiharu Shigematsu...
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