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Takuma Terashima “Inner Star” (Review)

Takuma Terashima is back with a new single. "Inner Star" promises to be a befitting follow up to PRISM. One year out of the music business was enough to polish his sound? What changes can be found in this release? This and more under the cuff. Single: Inner Star Label: Lantis Release date: 18/11/15 Genre: J-Rock/Alternative Tracklist: 1.INNER STAR 2.君の季節 3.ビビッドナイトフィーバー! 4.INNER STAR (Instrumental) 5.君の季節 (Instrumental) 6.ビビッドナイトフィーバー! (Instrumental) Track by track...

Takuma Terashima “Inner Star” – Final details unveiled

Takuma Terashima is making his comeback after more than a year of hiatus. His new single is set to be released next week and he final details regarding it are now available. More details under the cuff. "Inner Star" is Terashima's 4th single release and is scheduled to be released on 18/11/2015, available in two diferent editions: regular and limited. The cover...

Takuma Terashima has a new single in the works

And the big news today is: Takuma Terashima is making his comeback in the music scene after one year of inactivity. More details under the cuff. Announcing his 4th single, Takuma Terashima finally comes back to the music scene - his last release was 2014's explosive "Scarlet Sign". Lantis still hasn't updated Takuma Terashima's profile or released an official news to confirm this,...

Miyu Irino “Boku no Mitsuketa Mono” (Review)

Miyu Irino's new mini-album  "Boku no Mitsuketa Mono" is finally out. With a mini-album completely different from his previous "E=mc²", the expectations for it were interestingly high for most fans. Did those pay off in the end? Single: "Boku no Mitsuketa Mono" Label: Kiramune Release date: 08/05/15 Genre: J-Pop Tracklist: 1. THE REVUE  2. 不埒なセッション 3. Happy Day  4. アジサイの花束  5. 月と僕の距離  6. 見果てぬ世界、繋がる想い Track by track analysis: 1. THE REVUE  The slow tempo...

Kenichi Suzumura “Tsuki to Taiyo no Uta” (Review)

Kenichi Suzumura's newest single 「月と太陽のうた」(Song of the moon and the sun) is already out and we took our time to check this 11th single. Is this single what it seemed like from the previews available on youtube, or is it something else completely? Let's check it out.  Single: 月と太陽のうた Label: Lantis Release date: 13/05/15 Genre: J-Pop/Rock Tracklist: 1.月のうた 2.太陽のうた Track by track analysis: 1.月のうた "Tsuki no uta" is...

Shouta Aoi “UNLIMITED” (Review)

Shouta Aoi's first album UNLIMITED is finally out. With almost a complete batch of new tracks and some of the fans' favorite singles, this is certainly an album that won't bore you. Single: UNLIMITED Label: Broccoli/b-green Release date: 22/04/15 Genre: J-Pop Tracklist: 01. UNLIMITED 02. Virginal 03. 秘密のクチヅケ 04. 空は透明な誓い 05. SETSUNA DROP 06. spilt memories 07. HEAVEN! 08. タッチ ツー テイク トリコ 09. TRUE HEARTS 10. NO WEAK⇔YES WEEK 11. 天使の祈り 12. Melodia Track by track analysis: 01. UNLIMITED UNLIMITED is a dance-pop track reminding us of the good old T.M.Revolution's...

Details unveiled regarding Kenichi Suzumura’s new single

Kenichi Suzumura's newest single is already creating some hype around his fans. The veteran seiyuu and singer is once again back with new music, the first release in 2015. Titled「月と太陽のうた」(Song of the moon and the sun), this is the follow up to 2014's album "Vessel" and Suzumura's 11th single so far.  「月と太陽のうた」 is scheduled to be released on 13/05/15 and only...


ELEKITER ROUND 0 are back after a one year break from their double releases in the first quarter of 2014. With a brand new image and sound ER0 are showing us that they can keep up with the other seiyuu units out there. RE:QUIEM is the long awaited ELEKITER ROUND 0's seventh mini-album. Were those expectations worth anything? Is this any better...

Tetsuya Kakihara “Saichaina” (Review)

Tetsuya Kakihara's newest single 咲いちゃいな (Saichaina) is out. It's finally time to review the release that everyone has been talking about. Single: 咲いちゃいな (Saichaina) Label: Kiramune Release date: 15/04/15 Genre: J-Pop/Rock Tracklist: 1. 咲いちゃいな  2. world in bloom  3. Othello Track by track analysis: 1. 咲いちゃいな With a simple melody provided by the piano alongside a whole acoustic setting, Saichaina is a pretty mellow, mid-tempo pop-rock track. Sweet with the minimal synths...

Shouta Aoi “UNLIMITED” – Final details available

Shouta Aoi's first album "UNLIMITED" is scheduled to be released by the end of April and the final details regarding it are finally available.  UNLIMITED's promotional video snippet is already available on Broccoli's official Youtube account. https://youtu.be/zXtjnvcErqo The cover art is the following: As it's already known "UNLIMITED" is scheduled to be released on 22/04/2015 and is available in three editions: regular, limited A and...





EROSION From a Spicy Peak

Review | EROSION “From a Spicy Peak”

EROSION make a bang with their debut single, From a Spicy Peak.
Revale Mirai Notes o Kanadete

Review | Re:vale “Mirai Notes o Kanadete”

Re:vale continue to impress with their growth and newfound approach to their music in "Mirai Notes o Kanadete".

Review | QUELL “HEART”

QUELL continue to explore the limits of their creativity with HEART and what follows is pure quality music.


IDOLiSH7 showcase a matured sound and improved chemistry and vocals in DiSCOVER THE FUTURE.

Review | Rei Sukigawa “Rei no Historia”

Orchestral rock paints Rei Sukigawa's "Rei no Historia" in an intense yet delicate way. Hypnotizing single.