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Yuki Ono 1st live “Final Party 2017” to be held this Sunday

Yuki Ono is going to hold his first ever live show this Sunday. YUKI ONO 1st Live ~Final Party 2017~ is going to held on 29/10/2017 at TSUTAYA O-EAST. This concert will wrap up the "Party man" series that Ono kicked off in 2015 - with his debut mini-album "Party Man". More details regarding this tour, goods and ticketing can be found on...

Yuki Ono returns in exuberant fashion with “Party Man 3”

Yuki Ono is back with a new release in time to celebrate his birthday. "Party Man 3" hits the stores this month. Today Lantis unveiled an exuberant music video snippet for the, still untilted, promotional track. "Party Man 3" is scheduled to be released on 22/06/2017 and will be available in a single CD + DVD edition. The tracklist counts with a total of 6 songs....

Yuki Ono is back with new mini-album in June

To join today's announcement spree courtesy of Lantis is Yuki Ono. Ono returns with a new mini-album to celebrate his birthday. This will be his 3rd release after "Party Man" and "Party Man 2". More details under the cuff. As many of you could have expected, the mini-album is titled "Party Man 3". It is scheduled to be released on 22/06/2017 and will be available in...

Yuki Ono “Party Man 2” (Review)

Yuki Ono gets ready for this summer as well as for his birthday with his comeback release "Party Man 2 ~Shiosai no Uta~". Entertaining and addictive, the second instalment of the "Party Man" concept is a sure upgrade in fun and diversity. Mini-album: Party Man 2 ~Shiosai no Uta~ Label: Lantis Release date: 22/06/2016 Genre: J-Pop/Rock Tracklist: 1  Overcharge ~Overture~ 2  ソーラン Night 3  限界BOY 4 D.K.Y 5  Oh! My Mermaid 6  フラれ男にあすは来る 7  Mr. Thank You Track by...

Yuki Ono “Party Man 2” – Details unveiled

In time for his birthday, Yuki Ono makes his comeback with "Party Man 2 ~Shiosai no Uta~", the follow up to last years' debut mini-album "Party Man". This second instalment promises to keep things entertaining and as carefree as ever. Lantis has updated some details regarding this release on their official website. More details under the cuff. "Party Man 2 ~Shiosai no...

Yuki Ono to comeback with new mini-album

Guess who's back! After one year under the radar, Yuki Ono is back with a new release. Exactly one year after his debut mini-album, it's follow up will be released. More details under the cuff. Titled "Party Man 2", this is Ono follow up to last years "Party Man". This mini-album is scheduled to be released on 22/06/2016. It'll be available in a single CD + DVD...

Yuki Ono debut mini-album “Party Man” – Details unveiled

Yuki Ono, is finally making his solo debut under Bandai/Lantis and with a theme that we all know so well - disco party (does Daisuke Ono's "熱烈ANSWER" ring a bell?". More details under the cuff. Titled "Party Man", Ono's debut mini-album is scheduled to be released on 22/06/2015 in single edition only. Details regarding the tracklist, cover art, promotion video snippet...

Yuki Ono announces his solo debut

For many fans this is one of the biggest news of the year and we're only on the first quarter of the year. Yuki Ono, well-known seiyuu for his roles as Taiga Kagami in hit basketball anime "Kuroko's Basketball" and Masayuki Hori in Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, is finally making his solo debut! Ono, as many may know has already debuted as...





Review | OSIRIS “Chain”

Nostalgia hits hard for OSIRIS' emotionally raw comeback track that is "Chain".
Impish Crow DIG-ROCK - dice - Type IC

Review | Impish Crow “DIG-ROCK -dice- Type: IC”

Impish Crow fire all cylinders for “Updraft”, cranking up the intensity to their sound, making quite the first entry in the "dice" series.
Neo X Lied Vol.4

Review | Dai and Shu “Neo X Lied Series vol.4”

"Oto no LOOP" is the perfect blend between QUELL's crystal clear and experimental sound and SolidS's dirty + alluring sound.
PERFECTION NOISE Original Soundtrack

Review | NOISE NOVA “PERFECTION NOISE Original Soundtrack”

NOISE NOVA's stirring sound and impressive talents shine through in the compilation album "PERFECTION NOISE Original Soundtrack".
ZIX Break it

Review | ZIX “Break It!”

ZIX push their talents to the maximum with the intense “Break it!”. Rock, funk and jazz meet to create what is another awesome entry in their repertoire.