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Fero☆men to release new single “IMMORAL WEDDING/Silent Carnival”

フェロ☆メン (Fero☆men) seiyuu unit formed by Junichi Suwabe and Kousuke Toriumi is releasing a new single titled "IMMORAL WEDDING/Silent Carnival" and the release is scheduled for 2013/10/02. It'll be the unit's 4th single since their formation in 2009. Junichi Suwabe (41) and Kousuke Toriumi (40) are two of the most versatile and known seiyuu in Japan and have worked numerous times...

Hiroki Takahashi new album “Blessings”

Another album release this month and this time is from prolific seiyuu Hiroki Takahashi.  The new album "Blessings" was released this Wednesday (4th) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his singing career. Hiroki Takahashi, born September 7, 1974 in Tokyo is one of Japan's most interesting and versatile actors in the industry but is also an incredible good singer and guitarist. So...

KAmiYU 2nd mini-album available for preorder

KAmiYU have, earlier this week announced that they will be releasing their second mini-album on 11th December. Today both editions of the album (Regular and Limited) are available for preorder on cdjapan but so far there aren't any news regarding the tracklist or the covers yet. More info about the album HERE Mini-Album: Title is to be announced KAmiYU Mini-Album: Title is to be...

Kenichi Suzumura to release new single “All right”

Prolific seiyuu Kenichi Suzumura is going to release his first single this year and the 10th so far on his music career. It's called "All right" and will be available in stores on 2013/10/30 with two different editions: regular and limited. So far there's no news about the tracklist or the covers but it'll be updated in the next weeks. The album...

Daisuke Namikawa 2nd single “Jump out loud” covers revealed

The 37 year old Tokyo native will release his second single, the follow up to the mini-album "RING" that was released earlier this year. The newest single from Daisuke Namikawa is called "Jump out loud". So far the tracklist is an unknown, we don't have the details on how many tracks it'll have but knowing how japanese singles are...

GRANRODEO reveal new song “THE OTHER SELF”

Japanese hard-rock band GRANRODEO have previewed their newest single today, the band's' 20th single. The song will be called "THE OTHER SELF" and will be used as the opening for the second season of the basketball-themed anime "Kuroko's Basket" (Kuroko no basuke). The single is scheduled to be released October 16th and will have three editions: regular, deluxe and...

Miyano Mamoru: PV revealed for “Identity”

Never the mix between traditional Japanese music and western music felt so meant to be. Miyano Mamoru's new single, the addictive "Identity" is out. We start off this song with that one japanese instrument that we love, the shimasen (the three string "guitar" you get to see on the video) and quickly the synths guide you to Miyano's hypnotizing voice....

Daisuke Ono – “Up Stairs / Down Stairs” – preview of the new PV’s

As some of you may know, Daisuke Ono's new album "Up Stairs / Down Stairs" is scheduled to be released on  09/25/13 and as of yesterday the two singles promoting each part of the album "Up Stairs" or "Down Stairs" were announced. 「Kiss Kiss Kiss」from "UP STAIRS" and「モノクロの虹」from "DOWN STAIRS". Lantis has uploaded on youtube the previews for both promotional videos (PV's)...

Daisuke Kishio 1st single “OF – Love Forever” cover art revealed

Veteran seiyuu Daisuke Kishio is back on the music scene after his 2012 debut album "Birthday". This time, after the pop/rock album earlier released last year we get to hear Daisaku's new single, his first single "OF - love forever" that'll be the main theme for the smartphone and tablet game "Kaseifusan.". The single will have three different versions available and...

Tetsuya Kakihara – “Generations” cover reveal

German-japanese voice actor Tetsuya Kakihara is back with a new single: "Generations". The 30 year old seiyuu presents us again with a single full of energy. As of now the tracklist is still an unknown but the Kiramune website will soon update it and we will, accordingly, update it here. There's two versions of the single available: regular version (there will...





SQ「Neo X Lied」Series vol.1

Review | Shiki and Issei “Neo X Lied series vol.1”

Shiki and Issei teamed up for the very 1st entry in the NEO X Lied series and fans get quiet the impressive track in the process.
Shugo Nakamura Oh No!!

Review | Shugo Nakamura “Oh No!!”

Shugo Nakamura brought a classy brand of funk-rock with jazz undertones in his stellar digital single, "Oh No!!".
TRIGGER My Precious World

Review | TRIGGER “My Precious World”

My Precious World puts TRIGGER outside of their comfort zone, going for a bassy, dreamy sound that begs for - and gets - a powerful, intense performance in return.
Makoto Furukawa Honjitsu mo Makoto ni Seiten nari regular

Review | Makoto Furukawa “Honjitsu mo Makoto ni Seiten nari”

Makoto Furukawa goes for a bewitching performance in the masterful single that is "Honjitsu mo Makoto ni Seiten nari".
Showtaro Morikubo WAY OUT

Review | Showtaro Morikubo “WAY OUT”

Showtaro Morikubo goes darker and darker with his new single, WAY OUT.