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DYNAMIC CHORD announce smartphone game release

Good news for fans of DYNAMIC CHORD's franchise! The announcement was made yesterday via DYNAMIC CHORD's official twitter account. A webpage dedicated to the upcoming game was open as a result. "DYNAMIC CHORD Jam & Join" has no set date of release and from its name it does sound like the franchise is going to get their first rhythm + social...

apple-polisher unveil first details on new single

With DYNAMIC CHORD's anime officially on air, it's time for apple-polisher to unveil some details regarding their new single.  apple-polisher consists of Shouta Aoi (vocal), Takahiro Sakurai, Yoshiki Nakajima and Yuichiro Umehara. The single "BACK 2 SQUARE 1" is scheduled to be released on 29/11/2017. The title track is going to be featured as the second ending theme for the anime series. So far these are the elements...

DYNAMIC CHORD release 2nd anime teaser + new opening theme preview

Asgard/Honeybee Black unveiled today the second teaser for the upcoming anime "DYNAMIC CHORD", set to premiere next week on 05/10/2017. There's also a new preview of 's new single “p.s.i hate you♡xxx”. The new teaser/promotional video was released today on TBS animation's youtube channel as well as publicized on DYNAMIC CHORD's official twitter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=53&v=_CivjsOs6vA The preview shows a completely different character designs than...

[DYNAMIC CHORD anime] TBS and Asgard unveil key visual for apple-polisher

DYNAMIC CHORD’s anime is going to premiere in 10 days. Today, Asgard/Honeybee Black unveiled the final key visual, this time around for the electronic pop-rockers, apple-polisher. The last key visual for the anime series is out. apple-polisher consist of Shouta Aoi (vocal), Takahiro Sakurai, Yoshiki Nakajima and Yuichiro Umehara. apple-polisher will perform a song for the series. At the moment there are no details regarding it. , band...

apple-polisher “beat goes on/what have you done for…” (Review)

The electronic pop-rockers apple-polisher return with a new single. "beat goes on/what have you done for..." takes an interesting turn with polished vocals and unexpected instrumentals in what is the band's best single to date. Title: beat goes on/what have you done for... Label: Asgard Release date: 26/04/17 Genre: Electronic pop-rock/Dance Tracklist: 1 - beat goes on 2 - what have you done for... 3 - beat goes on (instrumental) 4 - what have...

Apple-Polisher set to return with a new single

Dynamic Chord's Apple-Polisher are back with a new single! The electronic rock band fronted by Shouta Aoi marks their comeback with a single in the second quarter of 2017. Titled "beat goes on/what have you done for...", the new single is set to be released on 26/04/2017, available in a single edition. The tracklist is the following: 1 - beat goes on 2 - what have...

Dynamic Chord to release 2nd season of the “Shuffle CD” series

For those of you that have been following the Dynamic Chord series (drama cd's, games and music) this is an exciting news. After announcing a green-lit anime adaptation back in 2016, the franchise bring back an exciting project. rêve parfait, Apple-Polisher, Liar-S and KYOHSO will work together for this new, cross unit project. Takuya Eguchi, Shouta Aoi, Takuma Terashima and Showtaro...





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