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Anidol Colors franchise to hold “A-LIVE” event this month

The Anidol Colors franchise's cast meets fans in a special event taking place later this month. Details are already out.

Majestic Story to release new single “Majestic World”

Anidol Colors' fans get another taste of Majestic Story's music with the release of a new single.

Clarity release music video for “TEMPTATION‘S KISS”

The music video for Clarity's TEMPTATION'S KISS, single released in 2018, is out.

Anidol Colors franchise to celebrate 3rd anniversary with special event

The Anidol Colors franchise is going to hold a special event this month to celebrate its 3rd anniversary.

RUSH! release debut song this Friday

Anidol Colors announced the release of RUSH!'s debut single. After years of wait, fans get a taste of their music this week.

Clarity to release new single, Coup d’état

Anidol Colors' group, Clarity are going to make their comeback with the digital single, "Coup d'état".

Anidol colors introduce fans to new group

Voltage shed light on the new group joining the Anidol Colors franchise.

Clarity release preview of “TEMPTATION‘S KISS”

A preview of Clarity's new single is out. Clarity consist on Tasuku Hatanaka, Shunsuke Takeuchi, Masatomo Nakazawa and Shuuta Morishima. "TEMPTATION‘S KISS" is scheduled to...
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