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Review | Shiki Takamura “my redemption”

Shiki's "my redemption" showcases maturity and consistency through a unique composition and a powerful dual performance.

Oricon Weekly | Yuma Uchida, Toshiyuki Toyonaga and more top this week’s charts

This article covers the 4th week of November, including singles and albums released between 27/11/2023 and 03/12/2023.

2021 in Review: Albums that Went Under the Radar in 2021

More often than not, outstanding albums go under the radar for fans of seiyuu artists or 2D groups. Time to celebrate the hidden gems of 2021.

2021 in Review: Best Albums by Male Seiyuu Artists and 2D Groups

From engaging stories to returns to their origins, drastic changes in sound, ambitious concepts, and outstanding performances, these are the best albums of 2021.

2021 in Review: Best Songs Released by Male Seiyuu Artists and 2D groups

Impressive performances, unique sound, good vibes and high quality. Time to cover the best songs released by seiyuu and 2D groups in 2021.

2021 in Review: Big live tours, unexpected comebacks, and more

Seiyuu artists and 2D groups opened their arms to international fans, live shows were bigger and of a higher quality, beloved seiyuu artists made their comebacks.

2021 in Review: New 2D Music Projects that Took the Spotlight

With the music industry being saturated with 2D music projects, there was an effort in bringing refreshing concepts + music to the spotlight.

2D Music Projects You Should be Following in 2021

Yearly, over a dozen 2D music projects are launched. Among those, there are gems that go under the radar for many.

2021 in Review: Big Solo Artist and 2D Group Debuts

A year of unexpected solo debuts, of refreshing new 2D groups and seiyuu units. As 2021 comes to a close, it's time to revisit these debuts.