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Tsukipro introduce new unit, TOBARI

A new unit has joined Tsukipro and will join the upcoming X Lied series. Tsukipro announced at AGF2019 the addition of a new unit, TOBARI. TOBARI is a rock duo comprised of Shio Amagi (CV: Yoshiki Nakajima) and Kuroi Hashiba (CV: Tetsuei Sumiya). The duo is signed to the fictional label, SUNPRO (home to the pop-rock duo, ZIX). An introduction video is...

Tsukiuta THE ANIMATION 2 to air in 2020

Tsukipro unveiled details on the upcoming season of Tsukiuta THE ANIMATION. Tsukipro announced in 2018 that the Tsukiuta franchise was greenlit for another anime season. At AGF2019, Tsukipro announced that Tsukiuta THE ANIMATION 2 will premiere in April 2020. The key visuals for both Six Gravity and Procellarum are out. For more details on this anime, please refer to the official website (link below). Sources:...

Growth to hold first solo event in 2020

TSUKIPRO announced that Growth are going to hold a solo event in 2020. A.L.P Ver.Growth is going to be held on 14/06/2020 at TACHIKAWA STAGE GARDEN in Tokyo. All members of Growth - Shunichi Toki, Daiki Yamashita, Junta Terashima and Yoshitaka Yamaya - are confirmed to attend the event. A.L.P Ver.Growth is going to count with live performances, live skits and talk corners. More...

Otomate postpone release of Hypnosis Mic -ARB-

It seems that Hypnosis Mic's fans will have to wait longer to play the franchise's first game. Hypnosis Mic -Alternative Rap Battle- is the title of the franchise's first android/iOS game. The game was initially slated for launch in December 2019 however, Otomate recently announced that its launch is going to be postponed to late March 2020 to ensure that the...

BanG Dream! franchise announce ARGONAVIS anime adaptation, smartphone game and introduce 2 new bands

Big new for and from the BanG Dream! franchise. The BanG Dream franchise announced an anime adaptation, smartphone game and introduced two new bands. Anime adaptation Argonavis are going to receive an anime adaptation. The anime adaptation is tentatively titled ARGONAVIS Animation and is scheduled to premiere in 2020. Sanzigen is going to be in charge of animation. A key visual was released. A promotional...

Tensai Gunshi to hold event in 2020

Tensai Gunshi announced a new event. Tensai Gunshi Event 2020 Dai Tensai Gunshi (天才軍師イベント2020 大天才軍師) is going to be held at Pacifico Yokohama National Hall in Tokyo on 26/04/2020. The event will count with noon and evening sessions. For more details on this event, please refer to the official website (link below). Tickets can be purchased HERE. Source: Marine Entertainment

WAЯROCK to hold live in 2020

WAЯROCK has plans for 2020. WAЯROCK (singer and seiyuu Masanori Kobayashi) is going to kick of 2020 with a 5th one man live. The Declarer ~An it harm none, do what ye will~ is the title of the upcoming live, scheduled to be held at SPACE ODD in Tokyo on 22/02/2020. Tickets are already available for purchase at livepocket. SOURCE: Masanori Kobayashi official...

Happy Elements confirm full lineup for Ensemble Stars! Starry Stage 3rd

ensemble stars 3rd live
The final lineup for the upcoming Starry Stage 3rd is confirmed. Starry Stage 3rd is going to be held on 25 and 26 April, 2020 at Metlife Dome in Saitama. Confirmed to attend and perform live are: Akatsuki Ryuseitai Ra*bits Valkyrie Switch (without Kaito Ishikawa) Jin & Akiomi UNDEAD Knights (without Shintaro Asanuma and Daiki Yamashita) 【出演者情報第3弾】 「あんさんぶるスターズ!Starry Stage 3rd」に『From Knights』の出演が決定いたしました! TVアニメ「あんさんぶるスターズ!」Blu-ray & DVD第2巻にDay.2のチケット最速先行抽選申込券が封入されますので、この機会にぜひお求めください♪#あんスタ...

Wataru Hatano to embark on tour in 2020

Wataru Hatano announced a live tour for 2020. Wataru Hatano LIVE Tour 2020 (tentative title) is going to be held in March 2020. Hatano has announced two stops in this tour. Those are the following: 08/03/2020 at Zepp Namba in Osaka (two sessions) 13/03/2020 at Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo (one session) More details on this tour are going to be unveiled in...

Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE LIVE 7th STAGE to be held in 2020

utapri 7th live
The Uta no Prince-sama franchise is going to hold a live in the upcoming year. Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE LIVE 7th STAGE is going to be held at MetLife Dome in Saitama on 18/04/2020 and 19/04/2020. More details on this live are going to be unveiled in the upcoming months. SOURCE: Uta no Prince-sama official website





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