JAZZ-ON! release full music video for SwingCATS’ “Are you with me?”


JAZZ-ON! released the full music video for SwingCATSAre you with me?.

JAZZ-ON! is a Jazz music project created by Akatsuki Inc. To get to know better about the story and each group including key visuals and first song previews, check THIS article.

SwingCATS consist of Yuki Yonai, Wataru Komada, Shunichi Toki, Toshinari Fukamachi, Genki Okawa, Makoto Ishii, Arthur Lounsbery and Shinichiro Kamio.

Swing CATSAre you with me? was first previewed in August 2019 and later released on JAZZ-ON! Sessions「First Cats」, single released in November 2019.

Are you with me? is performed by Genki Okawa and Makoto Ishii.

The full music video is now available to watch.

SOURCE: JAZZ-ON! official website / JAZZ-ON! official twitter account