“GOLD EVOLUTION” attempts to bring with it the promise of greatness and catchy instrumental pieces that by now are the unit’s trademark.

Release date: 22/08/18
Label: Lantis
Genre: J-pop


2 - DEEP-DEEP-DEEP [Haruka & Makoto duet]
3 - GOLD EVOLUTION (instrumental)
4 - DEEP-DEEP-DEEP (instrumental)

Track by track analysis:


GOLD EVOLUTION goes at it and exudes summer vibes with an instrumental piece including several elements, timbales, and some other elements incorporated such as a groovy bass. As the tempo of the instrumental piece speeds up, one thing becomes clear as the sky.

This track has way too much going on, making one exhausted of listening to it just from trying to keep up with everything that is going on, not to mention that the sole moments the track does indeed sound good are when some instruments aren’t playing, thus making the instrumental piece a lighter version of the original.

The instrumental piece is overdone, and because of that same reason one cannot even pay attention to the vocals since there is too much going on, in fact, there is no space for the members to shine. GOLD EVOLUTION could have been saved if the instrumental piece had remained less crowded.


Bringing back some electronic/dubstep vibes, DEEP-DEEP-DEEP has brought back some Splash Free vibes to the table.

Although the instrumental piece in itself is not a jaw-dropper, it does come out as fresh sounding, be it for the fact that Nobunaga and Tatsuhisa are the only members singing in this track, and therefore one can distinguish who is singing what and when, or for the obvious fact that this track’s instrumental piece actually has the potential to become a winner.

Despite it having the potential, DEEP-DEEP-DEEP does sound like there is nothing much going on, at least until we reach the small solo, but even then all we get is more of the same and nothing fun there.

Final considerations

STYLE FIVE are a group that has made several releases by now, yet instead of showing some consistency in their quality, what we get is a continuous wave of mixed feelings towards their tracks, as the fails are more than the successes.

Unlike what the title implies GOLD EVOLUTION is nothing but a jumbled instrumental piece that falls short to impress anyone. For those hoping to listen to any shards of STYLE FIVE‘s good days, this is definitely not the track for you.

One thing this unit had to offer was the interesting instrumental pieces with their dubstep and electronic vibes, but everything has a limit and GOLD EVOLUTION seems to be a take on the old STYLE FIVE that has taken exaggerated proportions.

The aftermath is nothing but an oversaturated instrumental piece that makes up for a poor attempt to create something catchy.

DEEP-DEEP-DEEP however, is a different story, though it does fail in some parts. This track is a far cry from GOLD EVOLUTION which in its own way is a good thing, still, it lacks something in the instrumental piece as it sounds as there is little to nothing happening at all.

GOLD EVOLUTION” is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.