STYLE FIVE have comeback with their newest single. “FREE-STYLE SPIRIT” is their attempt to retrieve their characteristic “sound” from “SPLASH FREE“, and though the group is returning to their roots, something has definitely changed since STYLE FIVE‘s debut.

Without any further ado, let’s get this review started.

More information regarding the single:

Release date: 08/11/17
Label: Lantis
Genre: J-pop



Track by track analysis:


This track kicks off the instrumental piece with a interesting sequence, and while we attempt to focus on it, it  quickly changes its direction only to, once again, and before you notice it, it having changed its instrumental piece. STYLE FIVE‘s characteristic usual instrumental piece is nowhere to be found as we are lost in this capricious instrumental piece, which becomes overwhelming and even overcrowded. There is too much going on with the instrumental piece, therefore our attention is directed to the failed attempt to create an up-beat instrumental that sounded fresh while maintaining the group’s trademark elements, namely the progressive synths and the bass. In FREE-STYLE SPIRIT, not even the power vocals in the group can salvage this song from its atrocious instrumental which has led them to become white noise for the poorly thought instrumental piece. 3/5

All in all, STYLE FIVE are a group which debuted with an amazing track, SPLASH FREE that amazed the fans by its instrumental piece being catchy, but above all else, for it being new and fresh. However the tendency that we have been noticing, since the last few releases, is the attempt to return to the “sound” the group once had in their first releases, and not being able to carry it out as the aftermath ends up being something like Future Fish or FREE-STYLE SPIRIT.

It seems that STYLE FIVE know no better than overcrowded instrumentals which completely shut down all and any possibility to have the vocals being the main focus, not that this would be the case here seeing as the main focus was the instrumental piece and that was precisely that major part that failed us.

Final rating:

FREE-STYLE SPIRIT” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.