Street Story to release new song in April

Street Story are going to release a new song in the coming month. Get to know the first details onit.

Street Story, band fronted by seiyuu Chiharu Sawashiro (SOARA), made their debut in 2019 with the single, もっと明日へ (Motto ashita e).

Street Story announced that they are going to the release a new song titled 夢グライダー(Yume Glider), on 15/04/2020.

The cover art is the following:

More details on this release are going to be unveiled in the upcoming weeks.

Street Story also announced that they are going to celebrate the release of Yume Glider with a special release event to held at Shibuya THE GAME on 09/05/2020.

The release event is going to count with afternoon and evening sessions.

More details on this event are going to be unveiled on a later date.

Source: Street Story official twitter account