Street Story to release special DVD this month

Street Story are going to release a special DVD.

Street Story, band fronted by Chiharu Sawashiro (SOARA) are going to release a special DVD.

もっと明日へ 1st ツアー 2019 DVD (Motto ashita e 1st tour 2019 DVD) is scheduled to be released on 23/09/2019, available for sale exclusively at the venue of Street Story‘s encore live, to be held on the same day.

The limited edition DVD is going to include the music video for the popular song ELLEN as well as a making of of the band’s first live tour.

Due to the high popularity of the band’s 1st tour and single, an encore live is going to be held on 23/09/2019 at live house Daikanyama LOOP in Tokyo. The live is going to have morning and afternoon sessions.

On another note: this past May, the band made their debut with the single もっと明日へ (Motto ashita e).

Source: Street Story official twitter account / Lisani