STARISH, QUARTET NIGHT, HE☆VENS unveil details on upcoming shuffle series

New details on the upcoming shuffle unit releases are out.

It seems like STARISH, QUARTET NIGHTHE☆VENS got shuffled into sub-units for the upcoming movie “Uta no☆prince-sama♪Maji LOVE Kingdom” (set to premiere in 2019). As a result, there are a total of 6 Special Unit Drama CDs, with releases starting to hit stores in December.

The releases are the following:

  • Unit 1 – counts with Otoya, Ai, Van on vocals. Scheduled to be released on 22/12/2018.
  • Unit 2 – counts with Natsuki, Ranmaru, Eiichi on vocals. Scheduled to be released on 26/12/2018.
  • Unit 3 – counts with Masato, Camus, Eiji on vocals. Scheduled to be released on 16/01/2019.
  • Unit 4 – counts with Ren, Reiji, Kira on vocals. Scheduled to be released on 30/01/2019.
  • Unit 5 – counts with Syo, Nagi, Shion on vocals. Scheduled to be released on 13/02/2019.
  • Unit 6 – counts with Tokiya, Cecil, Yamato on vocals. Scheduled to be released on 27/02/2019.

The tracklist for each release is going to include a unit song + respective instrumental and a drama track.

There will be regular and limited editions for all these releases. The contents for each edition are the following:

  • Regular: CD only
  • Limited: CD +  unique illustrated cover art + special packaging + 3 badges

On CDJAPAN, those that purchase all releases from this shuffle series (limited editions only) will be eligible to receive a special bonus: an exclusive 6 piece set of can magnets featuring the cover art from each unit CD (40mm x 40mm).

Regular editions come with the following bonuses (available on a first come, first served basis):

First Press Detail three cards featuring comments by characters

Details on each release are going to be unveiled in the upcoming months. Be on the look out for more updates.

All releases part of this shuffle series are available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

Source: Uta no Prince Sama official website

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